Monday, October 23, 2017

Week 58

Don't let the title throw you off. It was not a week of being cool. It was a week where I was very sick...

Last Monday P-day was a 'eh' P day. Not much happened.

Tuesday we went down to Kirkcaldy for a DM. Then we drove back to up to Dundee for a lesson we had set up with a family in their home. We were super hyped for it but when we walked in the front door the dad of the family really did not want us to teach... He was a Born Again and wanted only to bash. That was a bummer.

Wednesday was a good day. We were able to go on exchanges with the Kirkcaldy Elders. We enjoyed the day working in Dundee. We also taught Sylvia, our recent convert, about temples. We are hoping that she will want to go on the YSA temple trip in November! We are preparing her for that day!

Thursday was a day of finding in the city. Around lunch time I started to feel sick. I felt like a truck had hit me. My body ached, my throat was on fire, and I had one of the worst fevers I have ever had. Top it off it was raining. It was a hard day. Then that night I got like 3 hours of sleep. We were outside working most of the day finding. It probably was not the smartest thing to do when you are sick but you gotta do what you gotta do and that is to find people to teach!

Friday was the same day. I was not feeling any better but we still went out and just grinded it out.

Saturday the same. I was hating life. Everyone was telling me to go back to the flat. People in the street would be like; "Why are you trying to talk to me if you are sick?" It also didn't help that I sounded like the joker... But in the end we had a good day. That night we had our DA at one of the bishopric members home. It was a good way to end the day.

By the time Sunday came around I was starting to feel a little better. Not 100% but better. Church was good. And then we were still able to go out and find some cool people this week to teach. Not a ton but hopefully this week will change because I will be feeling better. Sorry for a bummer week but I promise this week will be better!

Another reason why this week will be better is for our All Mission Conference on Thursday and Friday. A member of the quorum of the 12 apostles is coming to Dundee! Elder Renlund! He will be doing a fireside right here in Dundee at the Bingham chapel! That is probably the coolest news ever!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 57

Another great week we here in Scotland.

Ya ken? Dunny ken pal. Pure drik outside right now. (just speaking some Scots language.)

Today and tomorrow there is supposed to be a category 2 hurricane coming over Ireland and northern part of the UK. Hurricane Opheilia. Should be some some fun with 60-80 mph winds and a lot of rain.

This last p-day we went on a cool little hike and took some cool pics that I am sending.

Tuesday we went to Montrose for a DM and then after that we visited Arbroath. I was able to take some pictures of the  St. Vigeans parish. We met the person over the parish, Rick. He was very nice and told us stories about it. I loved it there. As soon as I saw the parish I was filled with a lot of happiness. This is where my great-great-great grandfather Hugh Sidley Gowans was christened and married. He was the first in the Gowans line from Arbroath to join the church at a very young age. It was great to be able to walk around and see it all!

Wednesday we had a day full of finding and just grinding it out. We need more people to teach! It was a bit wet this day. We also went on exchanges with the Arbroath Elders. I was with Elder Allen. We to a DA on the beach. The Elders made J Dawgs because they had the recipe from Utah =) so good! 

Thursday we were able did more finding and then we left for the Burgh to go on exchanges with the AP's.

Friday I split with Elder Gibb. We had a really fun day and we were there a part of Saturday too. It was great to be there and see some old faces haha.

Sunday we went to church first and then we drove back up to Arbroath to do a baptismal interview. I love being here in Scotland.

Love you all!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Week 56

What a great week in Dundee!

Last Monday was our p-day. Before Elder Keim showed up we all went to Law Hill. We had some pizza and Irn-Bru. It was nice to have sorta of rest after moving so many missionaries. I finally picked up my new mate Elder Keim and we got to work right away. We have already been blessed by finding some new people to teach! We also had a lot of fun doing it!

Tuesday and Wednesday were full days of finding and teaching prepared people. Wednesday was the last day for Elder Kitchen. He left for his move assignment to Northern Ireland. Antrim.

Thursday was a great day! We were able to leave early for Edinburgh for our usual MLC. This was one of the best MLC meetings we have had. We talked about our goals and how as a mission we are currently at 305 baptisms. This in not our goal for the year. Our year end goal is 450. Obviously by the numbers you can tell if we are going to make it it will take a lot of work for each us. We talked a lot about the Spirit of urgency. It is through that Spirit we are going to achieve this year end goal. We were instructed to make goals for each individual zone on how we can reach our goals moving forward. It was a great spiritual experience and we are pumped to get back to work in the D and find those people who are ready to be baptized!

We also had President Donaldson take pictures of us in front of the President David O. Mckay stone. He asked Elder Keim to do a special pose. You can see the pose in the picture I sent. It was so funny. President got a kick out of it! 

Friday our Investigator Sylvia was able to be interviewed for her baptism! She is ready for Sunday. We also continued to work hard and went and did some finding and taught some more lessons.

Saturday we were asked to do our ZLC. We got all the district leaders together and instructed them on what we had learned in MLC. It was great to have it so early. Now they know earlier what needs to happen in order for us to reach our mission goal. It too was another great meeting. Later that evening I was given a bike! hahaha. One of my good mates who I see almost everyday just gave me a bike!

Yesterday we were able to see our friend Liang zhiyu Sylvia be baptized! What a great feeling it was to end the week! There is no better feeling knowing that a person just changed their life forever. She said afterwards how she felt so good. She said she knew it was the right thing to do!

This next week should be killer week. We are going to work hard and have a lot of fun doing it! We have exchanges with the AP's on Friday and Saturday. I will be in the Burg for that!

I love you all!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Week 55

I have no time to really write today. I want to let you all know that I am doing so good!

Last Saturday was moves call and I found out I will be staying in Dundee! I will be training a new ZL, Elder Keim! You all should remember the missionary that I worked with while in Edinburgh. He stands 6 feet 8 inches tall. I consider him one of my greatest friends that I have worked with so far on my mission.

I have stayed up late driving missionaries around and then having to pick up missionaries for whatever reason. Then the next day I wake up early and do the same all over again! I am very tired but this is gonna be a killer transfer!

Next Sunday is hopefully Sylvia's Baptism! I am so excited for her! We are so happy that she has chosen to continue learning and to continue growing as a daughter of God! Pray for her that all goes well this next week.

I have just been super happy lately. I think it is because of the growing love I have for my Savior. I read His words every morning and then pray in His name every day and night. I am coming to know Him better. He truly is my Savior. He is my brother. He is perfect. I have also come to know that God is a God of miracles. My testimony of this fact was reaffirmed by one of the conference talks Sunday morning during conference. How blessed we are to live in a day where we can listen, ponder, and act on the things that God has directed His leaders to speak to us. If you were to ask me 'Do miracles cease?' I would answer 'No'. They do not! I am a living witness of that everyday! What a blessing it is to be here in the land of my forefathers doing not my own will but the will of my Father!

'Here am I, send me!'. This line has become my motto. There is no better feeling than to know that you are going out and doing what is simply right. I am so thankful for the chance to be a missionary.

I finally got my kilt last Monday. As you know, I look dang good in it. ;)

The rest of this week should be fun. We have MLC on Thursday and lots of other stuff happening.

Thanks for all the love and support you all give to me!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Week 54

I do not have much time today to e-mail.

Last Monday we went out to St. Andrews again. We had a fun day strolling through the city. At 6:00 we had our DA in Cupar. That is always fun.

Tuesday we had DM in Montrose. After that a day full of finding.

Wednesday we taught a lot of lessons. We taught Sylvia and Alycia, our 2 investigators. They are both doing alright and have baptismal dates in October. Sylvia is scheduled for the 8th. Pray for her! She needs to give up her tea!

Thursday we had interviews with President Donaldson. After that we were to go out and again teach a lot of lessons. We seem to be teaching a lot of people that are open to what we have to say but not willing to make the changes necessary in their lives. It's hard but we will continue to move on. We also had DA in Cupar again. While we were there we provided service for some of the elderly.

Friday we went on exchanges out in Perth. It was good! We also taught Sylvia and Alycia again. It was a good day.

Saturday we a full day of finding. The weather was also good which I was very happy about!  =)  We also had DA in St. Andrews. We were introduced to an American family while we were there. We ended up eating tea with them so that was cool. After tea we went down to the beach where we gave everyone a spiritual thought to end the day on.

Sunday at church in Dundee they had their primary program! It was so fun to see all of the little primary kids. It reminded me of the ones we had back home. After church we finished the day finding. It is starting to get very cold again. We also went down to Perth to perform a baptismal interview.

I was excited to hear that you got to meet Sister Stapley! She is a legend here and is sorely missed by everyone. The mission misses her so much!

Well it’s time to go get my kilt! I will send pictures!

Love you all!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Week 53

Another busy week!

Last p day we went to St. Andrews. We had a BBQ on the beach. Super fun! =) After the beach we went back to work and did some finding.

Tuesday we went to Montrose for their DM. After that we headed back to Dundee for more finding. We had a lesson with a girl named Zoe. I knew Zoe way back when i was first here last year. Then around 8:30 we went and picked up the Arbroath Elders for our exchanges with them.

Wednesday. I split with Elder Wilson. He is from South Africa. He was my ZL when I was in Edinburgh. This will be his last transfer and then he goes home. He is a good missionary. He has taught me a lot about missionary work. We were able to go eat some lunch with Anne Harrison. She has my kilt now! But she didn't have it yet when we went to lunch. The next time I see her I will get it! We also taught Sylvia. We taught her the plan of salvation. Later that night we sent the Arbroath Elders home and then went to Dunfermline for our next exchanges.

Thursday. I was with Elder Jensen and we taught a new girl who we are hoping will be able to progress a little bit more. We also had a LA with the Keogh kids in the city! Later they took us out for some chicken! =) What a great family! After that a lot more finding! And then to end the day we drove the Elders back to their area which is right next to Edinburgh.

Friday. Exchange with the AP's in Edinburgh. It was great! I was with Elder Gibb. We had a fun time. We taught six lessons so that is always cool. We were supposed to stay for part of Saturday but we had to travel back to Dundee for ZL responsibilities. We got home about 11 at night. It was a long day.

Saturday I split with the Elders from Montrose. They will be with us until tomorrow. I love working with them. We taught Sylvia our Chinese investigator. She ended up telling us she no longer wants to be baptized. She read some stuff on the internet as well as listened to stuff her flatmate told her. All lies... So that is always a hard pill to swallow.

Sunday was a great day! I had tea with my second family the Keogh's. It was yummy! =) This coming we will have a lot more exchanges which is always fun!

Love you all!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Week 52

This week was a great week. Elder Kitchen and I saw so many miracles from our hard work. From our finding to our teaching we were so blessed!

Last P Day we played sport at the church. Nothing to serious. Later that evening we went out and did some finding. 

Tuesday we went to district meeting out in Kirkcaldy! We worked with the missionaries on how to do role plays and the things we worked on at our last MLC. After that we had a day full day of finding. That is always so good.

While finding I was able to find one of the most prepared individuals I have ever met so far on my mission. She is from China. Her name is L**** Z****.  We were also blessed to have some members feed us which is always so good to get out of the rain and into someone's home!  =) 

Wednesday we taught some more people that are looking good and we are hoping to work with them some more. I was also on exchanges with another set of Elders in the city and we were able to have a really good day of finding and teaching. 

Thursday was my one year away from home mark! ONE YEAR! How crazy is that! I still feel so young as a missionary. It is so weird to me to think I have been out a year.

Thursday was a good day. We were able to send Mae off to Edinburgh for her to attend the University. She was one of my first converts from the first time I served here in Dundee. She will be missed. She has been to the church in the Burg so that will be a huge blessing for her. We also taught L**** Z****. Like I said before, she is so prepared. She has felt her entire life that she was a Christian. She had never really had the opportunity to live as one in China. This is what we do! When we are obedient the Lord truly blesses us. He blesses us that are diligent in the amount of hours we get out and get to work! 

Friday was a full day of humor! We had a legit flash flood rain storm. It literally dumped rain so hard in the afternoon. I have never seen it rain so hard or have been so wet in my life. It was wild! We had our DA meeting out in Cupar which was great. Right after I left Cupar I had to go to the bathroom so bad! The only option I had was run into a pub where everyone just looked at me like I was mad. Then they started laughing at me. Now you have to buy something in the pub to use there toilet. So I donated to a charity fund they had setup. Then finally I was able to have a much needed bathroom break! When I finally walked out they all were still laughing at me...  Oh how I love the drunk people of Scotland!

Saturday we taught L**** Z**** again. We also taught Alycia. Alycia is from Brussels! She is so cool! We also met some professional wrestlers that are from here in Scotland. They pulled up on a street where we happened to be working. They pulled up in this sweet hummer limo. We had just finished teaching a lesson so we got some cool pics with them!  =)

Sunday was another great day. We were blessed with 4 of our investigators coming to church. During the Sacrament I was reading the scriptures and found this in Mosiah. Mosiah 3: 7-8. As I read this new found scripture I felt my Saviors love for me. I truly am grateful for what He has done for me. I felt inside at that moment how much He has truly changed my life. My mission has been so blessed because of Him. I can't thank Him enough for his sacrifice for me.

8 "And he shall be called Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Father of heaven and earth, the Creator of all things from the beginning; and his mother shall be called Mary."

How blessed we are to have the scriptures in our lives. I would like to ask each of us to read from the scriptures daily. We all need to ponder, truly ponder, how they apply in our lives. And then go out and simply do. That is how we will come to know our Savior and be better and better for it!

Love you all!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Week 51

This week was good but a little crazy!

Monday we went to a really cool castle! We went with some cool people in the district!. That night we had DA. It was a pretty good day.

Tuesday I went on an exchange with a new missionary from the MTC. He is from Washington. He loved coming and working in Dundee. He serves in Montrose. We also went to St. Andrews and taught Mae again. We also taught one of there new investigators. We finished the day doing mostly finding. It was a really good day.

Thursday we had an All Scotland Conference in Edinburgh. It is always great coming back to mission conferences to be taught and instructed. It is also great to come back because I get to see all of my good friends again!

At this conference we were taught on how to serve Christlike centered missions! It helped me realize all the things I have been doing to weaken my power as a missionary! We were taught to be obedient in all things! Honestly, it is hard but so worth it!

The rest of the week was pretty much finding.

Love you all!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 50

What a week! 

Last Monday was obviously transfers. I said my goodbyes to Glasgow and then traveled up North to Dundee. When I arrived it felt like I had never left. Weird. My hope is that I will be able to help people here find the gospel!

Last Tuesday we helped move a lot of missionaries to new areas. We were also able to GQ and prepare for our MLC on Thursday.

Wednesday was a full day of GQ. The previous missionaries were not working with too many people. We will find them, no worries! We also had the ZLs from Aberdeen come over and stay the night at our flat. They wanted to stay here so the drive the next morning to our conference in Edinburgh would not be so far. 

Thursday we went to the Burg for our leadership conference. All of the other leaders from the mission came. It was a great meeting! The spirit was strong. It was also good to see some of my old mates again! I talked with Elder Woodfield at the conference about one of our solid investigators from Glasgow. He said that he is still totally prepared for his baptism on September 12th! I am so excited for him!

Friday I got to teach a little and also saw some of my old friends here in Dundee. It was great to get caught up and see how things are with them since I left! We also had to travel up North to Arbroath. We had to drop off some missionary supplies. It is always so good to go back to my family roots in Arbroath! So cool!

Saturday we went to St. Andrews. We were able to teach Mae while we were there. It was so great to see her again. She was another one of my early converts while in Dundee. She heads off to school at the University in three weeks. It will be sad when she leaves.

Sunday it was back to the ward where it all started. I saw so many familiar faces during sacrament meeting. I got up and shared with them my testimony. After church I went to the Keogh's for tea. They live in the other ward. It was so good to see them all again and say hi. They are my family! I also saw Ross who was also one of my first converts! It was such a blessing to see him again and to see how strong he is in the church! He has been faithful in the gospel since the day I left. What a good example he is. I love that guy. We will be having tea with him next week!

Here is my new mailing address:
109 Arbroath Road
Dundee, Scotland

I love you all!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Week 49

Crazy week here in Glasgow.

I don't have much time to write. Big news. I am heading back to Dundee. I am going back home to be a ZL !! I will be there for my one year mark. I will be going back to where it all started. It is weird to think about going back to the Bingham ward again where I spent two transfers! My new companions name is Elder Kitchen. It is so awesome that I get to go back to where I learned how to be a missionary! Where I learned so much! I leave today at 1 o clock. I will get there around 4:00. This is all so exciting! I am super pumped to go back. Honestly right now I have no words to describe what I am thinking and feeling! This I do know. I am super excited!

Saturday I got a call from the AP's. They said we were going to have a unplanned move. In short they told me I need to pack my bags to go back to Dundee. They told me they are putting 5 new trainees there and needed a ZL to get things moving in the right direction. They said I was successful there before and they need that kind of example again. They know I have great relationships with the ward leaders and feel that is important also in sending me back. Please pray for me, for the zone, and for the our missions success!

This past week was so good in Glasgow. Hard work pays off. We were able to set 10 people with baptismal dates. It took a lot of hard work and Elder Woodfield will be able to stay to make sure everything is taken care of.

A lot of crazy things have happened. I am now trying to get everything ready so I can go and to help the people in Dundee. I am sad to leave Glasgow but hey going back to sacred Dundee is what dreams are made of! Ah man so so weird.

Church was so good yesterday! Again it is always sad to leave one of your areas and I was able to say my good-byes to a lot of the missionaries in our zone. And to the members here that I have grown to love.

We had a great activity last week where we brought all of our Chinese investigators together and had a giant hot pot party. We ate a lot of food and just had a great time with them. We all had a really fun time!

I love you all!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Week 48

This past week was another wet one! But it was also a good one! =)

Last p day Elder Woodfield and I were able to go on this awesome hike! We asked President Donaldson if we could go and he agreed! We drove by Loch Lomond and ended up hiking in the lowlands of Scotland. Lets just say I am so out of shape. On the hike we saw some of the most beautiful scenery that I have ever seen in my life! I felt like I was in the movie Lord of the Rings! I love Scotland! And I love Ireland of course! We hiked Ben Cobbler (the cool looking one). And Ben Ime. Ben Ime is the second largest mountain in the lowlands.

Tuesday we started out with our District meeting. We then went out and worked for most of the day. It ranked right up there as one of the hardest days as a missionary. We had so many lessons set up that fell through. So there we were in the streets of Glasgow and it seemed like we attracted almost every single person that has ever hated Mormons. Seriously. The people that we met that night literally hate our church. You always get the usual’s but on this day they truly hated us. There were around 20+ people that I talked to and they just tried to hammer us on everything. The BOM. The prophet Joseph Smith. They were calling out our church as false, corrupt, and the Church of the Devil. Supposedly I am brainwashed, corrupt, and of course going to hell. You know me. I had a hard time putting up with all that crap. I came back at them and started to defend my beliefs. I couldn't answer all of their questions, but I did bear my testimony. I told them that I KNOW that what we have is true. They didn't care. They continued to rail on me. Finally I walked away but they pulled me back. And then it was yelling, and cursing. Some even spit at me. I just sat back and listened to them. There did come a point after one got after me I looked up at Heaven and actually wondered if God was there, watching all of this? I said a small prayer and simply asked Him if He was there. I asked Him if he loved me? Then, as I sat there in the middle of the street, with all of this hate surrounding me I felt the feeling of comfort rush through my entire body. I was good to go again! God is real!

The story doesn’t end there! More and more people came up to me and again started to hammer on me. I again had to go sit down and pray again. This time I had the feeling to ask if the BOM was true! No feeling. I continued to sit there and then the Spirit brought this thought into my mind. Read the BOM right now! It was right there in my hand, why not! I held it up right then and this is what I read:

And behold, ye do know of yourselves, for ye have witnessed it, that as many of them as are brought to the knowledge of the truth, and to know of the wicked and abominable traditions of their fathers, and are led to believe the holy scriptures, yea, the prophecies of the holy prophets, which are written, which leadeth them to faith on the Lord, and unto repentance, which faith and repentance bringeth a change of heart unto them—
Therefore, as many as have come to this, ye know of yourselves are firm and steadfast in the faith, and in the thing wherewith they have been made free.

God is real. I love this church!

Later on in the week I went exchanges with an Elder from Uganda who has no hands. He is one amazing missionary. He converted to the church 2 years ago. What a legend! l also went on exchanges with Elder Wang from China! He also is such a great missionary!

Today we are going out and doing some service. Move calls are also this week. It should be fun week!

I love you all!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 47

This week here in Scotland was a wet one!

Monday. Not too much happened to be honest. We had a lot of things to do to prepare for our All Scotland South Conference in Edinburgh! We also had some free time while in Edinburgh to find a place where I can get an amazing deal on a kilt to bring home!

Tuesday. We attended the All Scotland South Conference! I was able to see Elders Elton, Donovan, Gunderson, Carter, and Swenson to name just a few. I also saw so many other missionaries! The conference itself was so good! We were able to be instructed on the power of inviting with promising specific blessings by President Donaldson! it was great to be apart of the spirit that was felt there! That evening we returned home to Glasgow and went to a pub for some good tea!

Wednesday. A full day of finding and teaching! We also had our interviews with President and Sister Donaldson! I love them both so much. I would say that President Donaldson is one of my biggest role models ever!

Thursday. Another regular day of working. Nothing to crazy happened but we did have to travel back to Edinburgh for our exchanges with the APs.

Friday. We spent the entire day in Edinburgh. I worked with Elder Peacock. He was my old zone leader in the Burgh. I got to spend the entire day there in the Burgh! I love that place so much! I miss it! Sister Donaldson also made us breakfast. It was the best! Exchanges went really well. I had a lot of fun. As you can tell I am enjoying life so much right now!

Saturday. We first had some teaching lessons with some investigators. And then we headed back to Glasgow.

Sunday. Another great day at church. We also worked later on finding and teaching. We are working with a lot of good people right now. We just need to help them progress!

I saw Sister Stapley this past week. She was a sister missionary that I worked with while in the Burgh. She recently finished her mission but came back to do some touring. I miss my fam.... She was an amazing missionary! ​

I love you all and thanks for all you do!