Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Week 15

Dear Family!

I hope you are all having a wonderful time! Just know that I love you all so very much! I hope that you all were able to watch 'A Very Merry Earth Worm Christmas!'

Thank you all for teaching me so much. You all, in one way or another, have helped me get to where I am today. I will be eternally grateful for you all.

Merry Christmas!

Love Elder Gowans

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 14

WOW what a week of miracles!! This week in my new area was so good. I am so grateful to be in Lochee. Where to start. Mom and Dad please thank the Burgener’s and the Robert’s for sending me Christmas cards! It means a lot to me. Here are a few of the past week miracles! We have 7 with a date!

C**** 5 of Jan
M**** 15 of Jan
G****  15 of Jan
M**** 15 of Jan
B**** 15 of Jan
K*** 31 of Jan
D*** 31 of Jan

Monday. P-day. I bought this sweet looking Scotland scarf one that you would wear to a futbol match! In the evening we went and taught our new investigators in our new area! Only two. The Lochee area has not seen success in a long time. At first I was scared to go from Bingham ward to the the Liff ward. The Bingham Terrace chapel has such a special place in my heart. I love the people there so dearly! To answer your question, yes I do go to a new chapel. It is on Liff road in Lochee. It is the Dundee 2nd ward. Tuesday I had one of the saddest days on my mission. I had to hand the people over who I have been teaching to the ZLs.

C***** was first. C***** is leaving to England to go visit his girlfriend. After that he may be going back to China. We don't know. But as we taught C***** I knew someday no matter where he goes he will join the church. He knows it is true. He knows what he needs to do. I have faith that even back in China he will join. C****** last words to me were, "Go-Ans, (that is how he says my name), thank you so much for helping me. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for making me happy. I love you Go-Ans. Make sure you come visit me in China. It made me so sad.

Next up on the list is S***. Now S*** has such a special place in my heart too. I have known him since day 4 of my mission. I GQ’d him from the beginning and have taught him ever since. S*** was literally my first friend here on my mission besides Mark who is a recent convert. I taught S*** with Elder Calton my ZL. I shared my final testimony with him. I said to him how much I loved him. I told him that he knew that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love him so much more than I do. I told him that They will always help him. S***, with tears in his eyes, stared at me. I lost it. I have grown to love these people so much here in Dundee. S*** then said the closing prayer. He said; “Thank you for my friend, Gowans. Thank you for making me meet him. Thank you for our friendship these past 3 months that we have had together. Please help me to get baptized. Please help me meet Gowans in the city and in China in the future. I love Gowans.” My good friend S***.  He will get baptized someday. I know it. It may not be here in Scotland but he knows what he needs to do.

The last person I said goodbye to was I**. I have not talked much about I** at all. I** has been investigating for 9 months now. He is also from China. I have grown to know him my whole time here. We went to his flat because he wanted to feed us a proper Chinese meal before I left. It was so yummy! I** is moving to London for work. He has to do this so he can stay here in the UK. I hope to be able to visit all three of them again some day.

Wednesday was awesome. We went Christmas caroling with the young men and woman in our new ward. It was such a good experience. I already feel so much love for the Liff ward.

On Saturday not much happened other than me and Elder Donavon were interviewed by a on-line newspaper. They asked us a bunch of questions about Christmas. The newspaper is called rebreaknews.comGo look at it. I am not sure when they will post the interview so just keep checking back. It should also be on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Faceboook.

We had our Christmas party on Saturday. It was so fun. We were able to meet so many of the new members of this ward and just talk. I met a guy who went to BYU in 2009 to study law. He was wearing all BYU stuff! It made me so happy. His last name is Brother Clancy. I also met his daughter who lives in Orem! She teaches at Timpview High school! What do you know! She teaches special ed. She is home now for Christmas. D*** and C**** came to the party as well. We had a great time!

Sunday was a special day. We were able to go to church and all three of us new missionaries bore our testimonies in Sacrament meeting. I bore a simple one. It was centered around Isiah 6:8. Why I am here. I am here to serve the Lord. I will do everything I can to ensure this ward is a great ward. But I can not do it alone. I need the help of our members. I told them I know that our Saviour will always help us. He will always look after us. We are his sheep. He will always come back for the one. He will because he knows what it is like to be alone and lost in this world. (D&C 121).

We had 5 people at church!! Can you believe that! What a miracle! We met so many new people this week. We have so many progressing!

After church on Sunday we had ‘lunch and mingle’. It was so good. We also witnessed the baptism of Frank. Frank is a person that Sister Truman and her companion have been teaching. D*** and C**** were also there for the Baptism! They are doing so good! We still need their parents hearts to be softened.

I am still here with Sister Truman. She stayed here in Dundee so we are in the same ward now! Elder Charlesworth sadly left and went to Glasgow. Let me tell you about him. He joined my first companionship with Elder Yang a week in. We had a trio. HE IS ONE MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE companions! He is someone that I will always have great memories about and will always stay close to after the mission. He is one of the most interesting people you will ever meet. He is so funny. We are the best friends. He will be dearly missed.

I do have tea appointments. So grateful for that. I also got a present from the Liff ward yesterday. I feel so loved and so much at home here. I talked to this lady that said she has GOWANS ancestors! I wrote down for her Dad’s name, Grandpa’s name, James name, and Hugh’s name. She is going to see how we are related! So cool.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all! May you all have a wonderful week and enjoy this time with each other. I am excited for Sunday, Christmas day, to be able to see you all. I will be at our Bishop’s house for Christmas! He is a great man! He has a great family! 10 kids. 7 that live at home. Bishop Keogh. (key-o). They will have us and the Sisters over for Christmas day. I will call you from there! They have a daughter on a mission who will Skype them at 7:00 Scotland time. I will e-mail you during this week to let you know exactly what time. Plan on 11:00 your time 6:00 my time. The Keogh’s are a great family! I don't have much time left! I have to get a haircut today. Plus we still need to go grocery shopping. P-day goes only until 1:00 today!

I love you all!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 13

This week was a good week.

This past Tuesday was a day I will never ever forget! We had our district meeting and right after we got some lunch and then headed off to St. Andrews! I love that place. On the way there we had just gone over the bridge, so we were in Fife and while on the motorway and all the sudden our car would not accelerate... We pulled over and eventually had to call a tow truck. It wouldn't be able to come for 3 hours... So what to do? We went on a flipping adventure out in the middle of farmland called Inverdovat. The day ended up being so fun. We went on a cool path and talked to people on the trail. We were able to see rivers and lakes and were able to look back over Dundee. I was wearing some black slacks I got for 10£ at a store and ended up slipping and ripped it from the back to the front of my pants. My long johns ended up hanging out of my pants!!! So funny. I had to tie my coat around my waist so no one could see them. It was pouring rain and freezing but we ended up coming back to the car after a hour to see if the police had shown up. They hadn't so we decided to go to a petrol station just down the motorway and we were waking along the motorway with cars going up to 70 mph. They were all splashing water on us!!!! It was a fun day. I got a IRN BRU and a Yorkie bar at the petro station. Finally the tow truck guy came and took us to the car dealership. We ended up finishing the the day by doing some caroling in the city centre with people in our ward! It was a good experience.

The sun has been setting here around 3:30. So weird. It is dark by 4:00. There have been musical players in the city. They were playing White Christmas the other day. I thought about our White Christmas parties. I got sad because I wouldn't be able to beat Matt in ping pong again….

We got a referral from our Sister missionaries in our area. His name is N*******! He is 49 years old and is awesome! He already has a baptismal date for December 31st We get along really well. I'm excited about that.

Sunday. Moves call. I am sad to say that I am not going to be in Dundee YSA ward anymore... At church before the call I was looking out at the view we have here from our chapel and I got the worst feeling!  I felt as if this view would be my last. I was so nervous for the rest of the day... Sure enough the AP's called at 6:00 p.m.. They gave us the word and said that the Lord has a new assignment for both me and Elder Donavon.. They said that we will now be serving in the other Dundee ward, The 2nd Ward!!!!!!!!! Let me explain. I am still in Dundee but my new area is in the Lochee area. It is the other area here in Dundee. We will be white washing this new area. No more Dundee YSA ward. There are too many missionaries in this ward right now. The other ward is also known as the LIff ward. I don't know what is happening with our Christmas anymore? I don't know the new ward at all. With that being said I am going to really miss our YSA Bingham ward! I will miss the members I have grown to love. I will miss our Bishop. I will miss the view we have even though I will still be able to see it sometimes. I am also not in the St. Andrews district anymore. I will  not be able to teach our recent converts anymore. I will not be able to teach our current investigators. We turn them over to our ZLs... On the bright side of this change we still get to teach all of Lochee's investigators. Some of those investigators that we will be teaching are C*****, D***, and C**** . They all live in that area! I wont know very many other people for my first Christmas and that makes me a little sad of course.

I just need to move forward with firm faith that what has happened will be for the best. I will probably still be in Dundee for a quite a while now. I am excited to stay in Dundee and serve in Lochee. I hope everything will go right.

I love you all!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 12

How are you all doing? Just to let you all know I am doing good and enjoying these cold cold days here in Dundee. This week has been a good week not much has changed but still always trying to find and always trying to teach more.

This past week on Monday some of the missionaries in our zone all went to St. Andrews. Yep that's right we got to go to the old course and go out on the range and have some fun hitting golf balls. We had such a good time! I'm not half that bad!

Tuesday was just your regular day of missionary work. But later that night we were able to have a late Thanksgiving dinner with the young women in our ward! It was so good! I really enjoyed it.

Wednesday was awesome! We were blessed to be able to go out of our area and go witness Eamonn's baptism!! It was all the way up North in Montrose. I was able go through Arbroath where the Gowans ancestors are from! I have been teaching Eamonn since the day I got here in Scotland. Due to where he lives we were not able to baptize him in Dundee. But we were able to go be the witnesses and were blessed to confirm him a member of the church and give him the gift of the Holy Ghost! What a special day. Our Bishop, Bishop Grant, drove us. We get on really well. He is a young Bishop. He is 35 years old. He is so awesome. I can't wait to come back here to Dundee at some point and see him again.

Saturday was a good and rough day. We had 4 lessons planned and once again they all fell through. So we ended up finding for the rest of the day and night. This was the first time I have had to do this on my mission. It was very tiring but just as good as well.

Sunday is always a good day. I love going to church and being able to recharge spiritually for the coming week. There is something about church I have grown to love. I love singing the hymns now. I love actually paying attention in all of our classes and meetings.

This week should be a good week. Tuesday we are going on exchanges to St. Andrews again. I will be chapping doors for the first time! I'm actually so excited! But just to let you know I am sending you guys a Christmas package. I know that dad will be mad at me because I am supposed to save money. But this is what I need to do for you. My family. I hope you will all appreciate the presents. This will probably be the only time I ever do this. So don't worry or be mad.

I love you all so much! I have been reading in the Book of Mormon in my studies every morning and I am in Alma 40. The book of Alma is full of gold. This morning I was reading where Alma is telling his sons that they are called of God to preach to the Zoramites. Recently I have been pondering if I am a good missionary. I wonder if I am good enough in the sight of God. I wonder sometimes why I am here. Then this verse hit me hard and the Spirit testified to me that I am called by god here in Scotland to preach and teach and call upon people to repentance. I have been very bold with our investigators. Elder Donavon tells me that when I say bold things the spirit is strong. Even though half the time I do not know what I am saying. The spirit is working through me and into the hearts of our people.

I am very excited for the upcoming weeks. Transfer calls are in a week. I don't think I will be moving. I love Dundee! It is really easy for me to say that to you. I truly love this place! I love the smells! I love the city! I love the people I teach! I love the routes we take to get to the city! I love looking out over the city every morning! I love being able to just talk to people! I love going to visit members! I love buying Scottish things that remind me of this place! The present I got for you is important to me. I hope it will be just as important to you. I am buying presents so you all know how much I love you and how much I love Scotland. I want you to know that I honestly love this place. I don't ever want to be moved. I love our recent converts.

Ross says we will be friends forever. Dad, when we come back we need to visit him. Me you and him will have to go and watch a Dundee football game. He told me I need to be a Dundee fan! I am officially a Dundee fan now. I am not a Ranger or a Celtic. I am Dundee! It’s just like you and Man City. It's me and Dundee.

I am trying to keep the best journal I can. I love my journal. I read a passage every morning.

I love this time of year and that happiness I feel. I try to share that with the people. Lastly when I teach I imagine myself as Amulek. He always is bearing testimony of what he knows and then Alma expounds. This is like me and my comps. I am here bearing testimony of what I know. I know that my Father in Heaven loves me. I know He cares for me no matter what I do. Sometimes I feel ashamed to call myself an Elder but then I know I can use the Atonement and continue to try. I am trying to shape my life here on my mission. I have already grown so much. I am trying to improve every day. There is a scripture in Alma I read the other day about improving to the end. I loved it!

I love you all!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 11

Where to start off...

These past two weeks have been really hard. This is the first week I have not had any investigators at church. Which is not something to complain about but I feel as if I am failing my area and not doing good enough. These past two weeks we have had 18 lessons planned for people we had met in the street and 0 of them have showed up for there appointment. That means we have had no new people to teach. No one new to bring to church. I am just really frustrated and mad at myself.

But with that being said this week was still a great week to be a missionary! Tuesday I went on exchanges again to St. Andrews! That place is so awesome. I was with Elder Gunderson our district trainer. We get along so well. We went again to the chippy Tailend! It is so good. It is my favourite chippy. We also went and got some ice cream from this shop. The vanilla ice cream was the best. No joke the best I have ever had. That was a good day.

Thursday we had Thanksgiving tea with some of the YSA members in our ward. The flat we ate at was Kyle's. Kyle, and another recent convert Colleen, both cooked our Thanksgiving meal. They are both recently baptized members from this year so that was really special day we were able share with them. And to be there also with all the missionaries from our district. Mark, who is my second dad because he calls me BABY, was also there. He is my favourite. That is all that I have to report on from this past week.

We did teach our current investigators. We just need to do a better job of finding. And when we do our finding now we are doing it in 0 degree weather. I love it though. I love talking to people and getting to know them. I also love it when people yell and throw things at us. It fuels me even more to find people to teach. Funny enough there were people in town on Friday handing out anti Mormon pamphlets!!! I got one for my journal!

Our two Chinese people are still doing good. S*** is so good. He tells us he would be baptized right now if it weren't for things that happen in China. C***** is the same. The government in China is very strict on the rules. All of the University students are busy right now because of there exams that are coming up. A lot of essays to write so it is hard to find right now.

D**** and C**** are still doing great too. They both are trying there best to talk to their parents about baptism. I can only trust and have faith that their parents will let them someday. We taught them about temples. They absolutely loved it. They both expressed their desire to go to one someday.

This week will be a better week! I trust in the Lord to provide us with a better week. I love you all. Thank you for the emails. I hope you are enjoying the weather in Utah. I hear it has been warm... Until next week!

I am also sending you some beautiful sights of Dundee from this past week!

Elder Gowans

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 10

Hello family and friends!

This week was a good week! There was not much that happened but a lot of teaching and a lot of finding. Just to let you all know it is like -2 degrees here in Dundee. The highest it gets now is like 3. It has snowed a little... The picture does not show actually how much there actually is! I wear so many layers here because it is so cold. Honestly it is so unreal here. You walk outside and you feel as if you are an icicle.

This week we had a Zone Interviews and training. We were trained by our President and the APs! I learned so much and realized that as a missionary you can always learn and do so much more. We can always improve. Yesterday we had Stake Conference and it too was also very good. Sister and President Donaldson both spoke to us. A General Authority also spoke, Elder Phillips. it was so good! I was also able to go on exchanges again this past week with our zone leaders. I went with Elder Calton. He is such a stud missionary. He teaches me a lot and so that was also great.

This week was disappointing when it came to new investigators to teach. We had 9 new people who we were supposed to meet with throughout this week and everyone fell through... 0 for 9 qualified. That sucks. But we were still able to teach all of our progressing investigators. So that was good.

We were able to get C*****, D*** and C**** to church yesterday. And we are still working with S*** and F*****. As of right now, we just need to build faith with all of them.

One of the best parts of this past week was when the city of Dundee turned on all the city's Christmas lights! They placed a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the city centre. It is so pretty! They had a fair and fireworks show so that was really fun to watch. Everyone was so happy and when I would talk to people they would actually talk back to me! No swearing or people spitting on me! 

We are hoping to get a lot of people with dates this week! I see so much potential in everybody that we meet! I hope they will have a softened heart when they come to be taught by the Holy Ghost. I feel I am really growing as a person. I feel like I can always change to be better as long as I build my foundation which is centered on Christ. Then I cannot fail.

I want to end by saying how much I miss you all of you. I did not realize how important you all were until I have actually been away from home. I want you all know that I love you and think and pray for you often. I'm grateful for everything in my life. I know that I would not be who I am today without all of you.

I want you to know that I know that our Saviour Jesus Christ, is actually the Saviour of the whole world. I would ask all of you to take a look at your life and see how truly blessed you are. I see people everyday with no home, no food, and no family. They have no-one who truly loves them. Look at your family members you are with today and cherish every moment with them. They will always be there for you. They will always love you no matter what.

This is my simple testimony and prayer. Be grateful for what we have. Try to look outward not inwards.

I LOVE YOU ALL and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 9

Family and friends!

What a week! As you all know Elder Yang left for Belfast last Monday. My new companion name is Elder Donovan! He is from Grantsville Utah. He was born in California but lived in Colorado for a long time. He didn't do any sports back home but he did do theatre. We are two totally different people. But we also get along so well! We laugh so much together. He is so funny. He is awesome. We are working really hard and having fun!

This week was good but was also rough. It was rough because I was really stressed to be showing ED, Elder Donovan, the area. I was leading everything and telling us where to go and what to do. After the first two days with ED I started to calm down and we just worked. We are doing so well already.

We had a baptism on Saturday! ROSS! Sadly though we are not baptizing E***** anymore. It is too long of a story to explain but he is still getting baptized. It will be performed in the Montrose ward in Arbroath! He is still good it's just that we are not baptizing him.

Ross's baptism was on Saturday the 12th. I was also able to preform the ordinance. This one was one of the most special days of my life. Just thinking about it brings me so much joy. It was an experience I will never forget. Ross asked me to baptize and confirm him but I told him it would probably be better for a member to confirm him. Only if he wanted to. He had Brother Craig Snee who is in the Bishopric confirm him. I was in the circle and that was also so powerful!

The weather here is so flipping cold. Like I can't believe how cold it is! It rains literally everyday. And the wind!! It is like 3 degrees celsius. Honestly, when you are trying to talk to people in the rain I find it fun. You're out here doing the Lords work. Whether it be in the rain and cold. It's a classic missionary story! I am sending some more pictures. One of them is when the sun is setting over the docks here in Dundee by our flat. The picture was taken at 4:00 p.m. hahahh! The sun sets so early here it's crazy!

This transfer will end on December 18th. A five week transfer.

Yesterday we taught F***** and committed him to baptized on the 3rd of December! We are still meeting with D*** and C****. They came to Saturday's baptism. We are hoping to meet with both of their parents and tell them that Mormons are not crazy. We are seeing them today at 6:30. S*** and C***** are doing alright. Just need to help them develop more faith!

I have really grown this week and have realized that missionary work is a day to day procedure. You need to take it step by step so that these steps become habits. If you truly want happiness and true joy you have to just continue to try. Everything in this life will be a trial if you are expecting things to just go your way. Where as if you just continue to try your best then great things will happen!

Love you all!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 8

Wow what a week of ups and downs. I don't even know where to start.

Well sadly all good things come to an end. Elder Yang got the call on the 5th. He will be going to Belfast and I am staying here in Dundee. I am really torn. I don't have much else to say about it rather than I am so grateful to be trained by Elder Yang. He has helped me and shown me how to be a successful missionary. A missionary that actually gets out and does missionary work!

My new companions name is Elder Donovan. He is form Utah.  He is also another Chinese speaking missionary. I'm nervous to start again with a new companion. It will all work out.

This week was good. We did not baptize E***** due to some difficulties. Don't worry he is getting baptized this Saturday along with R***. R*** was able to get a job application for a job that doesn't require him to work on Sundays. Pray for him. Pray that he will get the job! 

Monday it was obviously Halloween! Such a fun day. We saw some crazy things in the streets before we headed back to our flat. It was so good. We got some pizza and Irn-Bru and had a good time. The only bad part is the other missionaries that came to our flat left it as a total mess. You know me. I am a clean freak!

Tuesday through Saturday were just a regular work days. We taught and found people.

Saturday was Guy Faux holiday. After work the other Elders came to our flat (because I am the life of the party lol jk). We were able to watch fireworks over the city but then it ended sad because we got the call that told us Elder Yang is leaving us. Super Sad.

Sunday we went to church. After church we went down to Edinburgh for a fireside at the mission home. It was a fireside for less actives and investigators. During the fireside we went and GQ the Burg. That was a really good day! I saw Elder Labuschagne there. I don't know if I told you much about Elder Labu. Labu is my best friend from the MTC. We are like brothers. He is the one from England. I love him so much. When we all get home I will come back over and visit him.

That is pretty much my week. I don't have much to say other than missionary work is awesome! It is also getting so cold over here!

Thank you again for all of the emails! 

-Elder Gowans

Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 7

Hey family and friends!

This week was one to remember. So many good things and also a few bad. But that is mission life. To start off I am doing great. I've lost all the weight I put on at the MTC. I am currently 156 lbs.

Transfers are also this next week. Sunday. I hope I stay here with Elder Yang in Dundee. Thank you Bailey, Mom, and Dad for your letters that your wrote me. It means a lot to me.

My week:
Monday: Monday was a good day. We were able to do all the usual things on a p-day but Elder Charlesworth, Elder Yang and I were able to go play some footy and American football at a field not too far from our flat. It was so fun! The grass was wet so we were slipping all over the place. So much fun. We then had tea and after that went and taught D*** and C**** and S**.

Tuesday: Awesome day. We had zone meeting. This was great day because President Donaldson came and talked to the Dundee zone. We read from Ether about the brother of Jared and Jared. President Donalson is a very wise and powerful speaker. He told us the goal for the Dundee zone in the coming month. We are to baptize 20 this month. I can't really describe what went on other than that the spirit was strong. We also did a lot of GQ.

Wednesday: Alright day. We had 6 lessons booked for the day but only 2 happened. All of the others fell through. We did have 2 tea appointments!! We have Elder Charlesworth with us so we have a lot of tea appointments in both Dundee wards.

Thursday: Another day we had 6 lessons and only two happened. We were able to teach S**** and R***. This was the best night of the week I'll explain later. We also had a tea appointment with Brother Thompson in our ward. He collects Nike, Adidas, Jordan, and Trainers all the way back from the 70's. He has a closet just full of shoes. I thought I was in the Celestial Kingdom! Our new ward Bishopric was called right as I arrived here. They are so amazing! our Bishop, Bishop Grant, is like 32 years old. We get on really well. We were able to teach with him last night. It was great!

Friday: We taught some lessons. Had a lunch appointment and one tea appointment. We taught a Chinese man, M***, who is a recent convert. He is my absolute favourite. He calls me "Baby" because I am only 18 years old. I love him.

Saturday: Great day! We were able to witness another a baptism. Colleen =) It was so good. We went to Nandos after the baptism. Nandos is a local restaurant. After that we were scheduled to teach some lessons that ended up not showing.. We were also to teach R*** again! This was the best part of the week. We taught a man by the nam of E*****, who I have never talked about, but will later.

Sunday: Worst day of the week, I'm sorry but it was. Sunday we were fasting for a lot of things. We woke up and received a text from S**. He texted us saying he couldn't come to church. I was scheduled to confirm him. This isin't like S**. I can't explain why he didn't come to church. We taught and GQ after that.

On to our investigators.

R*** hasn't been to excited about his baptism on the 5th. We met with him on Thursday. We taught a great lesson on Family History and Service. R*** has been taught everything. The spirit was so strong. He told us afterwards that he was so excited to be baptized!!! Ah SO GOOD. He is scheudled to be baptized on the 12th. I hope I am still here for that. He was at church yesterday.

D*** and C**** are also doing good. We were not able to meet with therm for a long time. We are taking it slow and hoping they have the same desire as they did before to get baptized. We are still meeting with them.

S*** came to church again. 4 weeks in a row! He was supposed to be baptized on the 5th but we have pushed that back to the 19th. He feels he needs more time =) which is good.

C***** has been very busy with UNI this week. He is still doing good. We will meet with him more after his exams.

E***** is from Germany. He moved to Scotland a long time ago. He originally was catholic but converted to Islamic like a year ago. He is now scheduled to be baptized on the 5th. He is so awesome. He lives in Arbroath but works and goes to UNI in Dundee. The only problem with E***** is that he struggles to come to church because of his work. He wants to get baptized in our ward because he likes it better here. He has talked to the Stake President and Bishop and as it looks like right now he will be baptized next week.

Thank you for all the prayers and e-mails. Oh and Happy Halloween! I have the rest of the day off now! We can't be in the streets on Halloween past 6:00. The past two nights have been crazy here. People love to spit alcohol on us lol. I'ts all good.

Much love - Elder Gowans

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 6

Family and Friends!!

What a week of joy and hardship! the joy being S** got Baptized Yesterday!!!!! The hardship being it was just a really rough week haha.

Why it was so hard this past week. Nothing was going our way and all of our lessons kept getting dropped. Everything that happened went wrong. It was just a hard week. There were so many good things that happened as well!

The first one I will talk about is what happened on Saturday. Saturday we went on exchanges with the district leader. That meant I was able to go to work in St. Andrews!! Holy cow that place is so awesome! The people are all so nice and it is just a beautiful area and landscape. It is just awesome. I went with Elder Gunderson and Elder Charlesworth. It was probably the funniest day so far on my mission. We worked hard and pretty much GQ all day. I was having so much fun with them. We also went to a chippy shop there named Tailend. Wow it was soooooo goooood! The people in St. Andrews actually talk to you! Where as in Dundee people yell at you and spit at you, and do other things to you but its all good.

Second thing I loved about this past week was our tea appointments. The first was with a lady and her daughter. They lived in Argentina for 16 years so she knows Spanish! She is a member and had us over for tea. She also had her auntie there and she did not speak any English. I guess the two years of Spanish I took actually came in handy. I was able to talk really well with them in Spanish and actually explained so much that the auntie could understand! I thought that was awesome.

Third, we had another dinner appointment with a less active lady. She is so funny. She had the hardest accent to understand. When people have a deep Scottish accent you have a hard time understanding them. At the end of the meal she had made some custard!!! It was so good! It reminded me of home and dad making us all custard. So that was also great!

Fourth. The two seventeen year old girls we have been teaching us texted us and said that there parents are allowing them do what they want in regards to the church!!!! They left for October holidays but when they return home we will be able to teach them. Hopefully we can still get them ready for the 5th of November!!! So awesome!

Last but not least. Yesterday was the best day of my mission so far! S** got baptized!!!!!  =) Ah it was so amazing. The spirit at his baptism was unexplainable. I was filled with joy and even though our week had not been good it was all worth the wait. Honestly, I wish I could feel like that everyday. It truly was an experience I will never forget.

At the Baptism our two seventeen year olds also attended to watch how it goes. Our other investigator, R***, attended as well. They all loved it. They said that it felt so good. R*** has been really dodgy with us this past week. We actually didn't get to meet with him. So when he came to the baptism we were happy. He said he was really excited for his own. He said he felt more comfortable with it. Awe it was so good! So many miracles are happening to us right now.

D*** and C**** are the 17 year olds. The loved the baptism as well. Our other two Chinese guys are progressing really well. S*** and C*****! They both came to church and liked it. They can't really understand very much. Me and Elder Yang both explained very simply what was being said. I am also learning a lot of Chinese! Well I try. But yeah we are doing good!

1 Baptized
0 Confirmed ( next week at church Sam will get confirmed)
5 with a baptismal date
3 at church
1 new investigator 
13 lessons taught

We are going to work even harder this week to increase those numbers! =)

Halloween is coming up and apparently in Scotland we have to be back in our flat by 1:00 because of what goes down on that day... Oh! Guy Faux night is on November 5th. We celebrate that day too! lol. Dundee is great place but it can also be a really sketchy place at night.

Yesterday we had a dinner appointment with a member in the Liff ward. Elder Charlesworth's area. She lives on a farmland above the city of Dundee. The beautiful view we had of Dundee was for miles! So pretty.

Anyway, I love you guys and miss you all a lot, thank you for the e-mails, it means a lot.

Love Elder Gowans

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 5

Another good week! ill just start off with last week.

Monday: didn't do anything really that special just your average P day. E mailed, Shopped, And cleaned and then at 6 we taught lessons till 9.

Tuesday: Tuesday was a good day! I was able to go on exchanges with one of our zone leaders, Elder Calton form Lehi Utah. I learned a lot from him and we taught some of his investigators and GQ for a while. I also met this guy from Manchester at this Cottage evening. It is just something the wards do here where the missionaries come over and play games and then share a message. I met this guy Jamie Roper from Manchester. He is the ward mission leader in the Lochee ward. He said he grew up in the Manchester south ward. He told me that Dad might know these last names. Robinson, Cook, and Pickington. Hopefully you do that would be cool.

Wednesday: Wednesday was a good day as well we were able to teach a lot of lessons and get some good finding hours in.

Thursday: Thursday was such a good day! We travelled to Edinburgh to go to the Mission conference! All missionaries in Scotland came. It was so good. We got to bear incoming testimonies and those leaving give departure testimonies. Then we had workshops and other things. But the last hour, President Donaldson gave such a powerful talk. It was so good. We then returned home to Dundee at 6:00 and had lessons to teach.

Friday: Another day full of lessons! We also committed 'S****' a Chinese lad to baptism. We committed him to baptized on the 5th of November! We are so were excited about that.     

Saturday: Saturday was also good. We did service for a lady in Lochee who was moving. The flat complex smelled so bad. Smelled like straight weed. But we did all of the heavy lifting. Doing service is always a good way to start the day. Then we were able to teach and find but we also had a dinner appointment with a guy named Daniel. He lives in the Lochee ward. We had kebabs! It was so good. There is a drink here in Scotland named IRN-BRU. It is so good!!! It is an orange drink. I don't know if you have ever had it Dad but wow! I am addicted to it already.

Sunday: Yesterday we had a great time at church. The ward is so good and so friendly. I always enjoy going to church just to regenerate and relax. I miss Sunday dinners at home.

That was my week. Now for the good and bad news... Bad news. The two 17 year old girls we were teaching can not meet with us anymore. Their parents did not like the idea of them being baptized. They also did not like them meeting with us. I don't know what is going to happen with them and there date of the 29th of November. We well see.

S** is still doing awesome! His baptism is this week on Sunday. Looking forward to that! We also were able to teach R*** twice. Our goal with him was to get him really excited for his baptism on the 5th of November. We were able to teach him with Brother Snee from the bishopric. We taught a very good lesson and got him excited about baptism. The other High school girl we are teaching is not responding to us anymore....  We also have two Chinese guys we are teaching that are still doing really good and progressing. That's all for now.

Numbers this week
4 with a date
2 at church
4 lessons with a member present
5 New investigators
19 lessons total

It has been raining so much every day. I just get absolutely soaked. And honestly, I like it. I love trying to be happy while it is pouring. It is fun. It is also getting really cold. Elder Charlesworth and Elder Lampropoulos live just down the road from us so that is good. They are both from Utah.

I'm am going to buy some Tartan ties. I figured out our family clan names. We are from the clans of Macpherson, Gow, Macdonald, and Chattan. I will get some for Dad and Matt as well. Probably towards the end of my mission.

I miss you all and love you all. I'm enjoying the mission so much and am trying to love every second. Tomorrow morning we are running the Tay bridge. We do it a lot. I hate it but you gotta love it. Thank you for all you are sacrificing!

-Elder Gowans