Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Week 2

Hey everyone! I had a pretty weird/cool week. Last Wednesday we went into town. My district really wanted to try fish and chips. So as we were walking I saw a sign for a 'chippy'. The people were so nice! It was a hole in the wall place and it was so good!!!! 

Friday all of the Elders and Sisters got to go into downtown Manchester. Our goal was to place some Books of Mormon. We went to a place called Piccadilly Park Gardens. Dad have you heard of it? Anyways quick story me and Elder Anderson were just walking around getting our self confidence up, and we finally saw this lady standing at a bus stop. We walked up to her and sat by her on the bench. Right as I was about to open my mouth and talk to her, this man came and stood right in front of me and Anderson. He just stared at us. Now let me tell you he was not a nice looking man. He was really messed up. You could just tell something was wrong with him. I felt really dark and weird inside. But after 10 seconds of looking at each other he started to talk. I could not understand one word he said. Seriously not one word. He looked at us and called us some very choice words. Then he started to walk towards us like he was going to do something. At this point we had no idea what to do. This guy was literally going to try and beat us up! Then out of nowhere this guy who is about 50, bald, and short walked between us and grabbed the man and said "if you touch them I will break your jaw." Wow. Then the scary guy proceeded to walk away. The first thing I wanted to do was stand up to shake this man's hand and tell him thank you. I also wanted to talk to him about the church but he literally walked away so fast I had no time to. He just left. Our teacher came up like 2 seconds after all this had happened and asked us what just happened? I looked back to find the man and he was gone. That was my first missionary experience. Working in downtown Manchester and getting cussed out and almost getting beat up. It actually made me realize how hard Satan is going to work to not let us share our message to others. He will do anything. We went on the rest of the day and I was in a super happy mood. We talked to a ton of people and we ended up placing 1 BOM to a guy named Joe. He really wasn't very interested. We also had one man want to Bible bash us. Manchester was cool and very different place.

Moving on. Here at the MTC life is either good or bad. For example the people here are so cool. I love everyone here. The food is so good. I have lost my 6 pack. It's mad. They say that word here a lot. Mad. I can't wait to actually get out of this building and go walk around all day. Some of us have been getting sick around here. Flu and head colds. I woke up today with a head cold. We gave Elder Tuita a blessing yesterday because he was throwing up. But I am doing really good and I am really excited to leave to the mission. I am also still nervous. We get to go on our Heber C. Kimball church tour tomorrow. We will visit the villages of Downham and Chatburn. I will take a lot of pictures. And today we might go back to that same chippy!

I think that's all that has happened. I'm learning a lot form my teacher Brother Gibbons. He is from Dublin, Ireland. He is a really cool guy.

I love you guys!! I know that I am supposed to be here. I have many doubts about if I will be a good missionary. But I know that if I am living the rules with exact obedience then there is no way the Spirit can not be with me. I know that the Spirit is what I need to have to be successful and to convert people to the gospel.

One week left at the MTC. I am super excited! The next time I write it will be from either Scotland or Ireland!! Love you guys!

-Elder Gowans

Beresford family from Rochdale, England

Warren Ferguson from Rochdale, England

Lynne Finney from Leigh, England

First 'Chippy'

First Fish & Chips

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