Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 3


Wow it is so good to hear from you guys! I'll just jump right in. I was able to spend 1 day and night in the mission home in Edinburgh. I got to go GQ in Edinburgh. GQ means street contacting. Get used to that word.

Then from Edinburgh I was able to take a train to Dundee. It was beautiful. Scotland is so pretty like literally breath taking. In fact the 4 hour bus ride from the MTC in England to Scotland was amazing. Then that train ride to Dundee was honestly so amazing. When we got to Dundee two Elders were there to pick us up. We went straight to the city square and started street contacting, GQ. I finally meet my companion Elder Yang!!

Elder Yang is so awesome, He is a work horse! We work work work all day. Because of this the days go by fast. He also knows how to have fun. I'm super pumped to just start working. We were able watch Conference at our church. Our chapel is so cool. The church overlooks the bay. The members seem so nice. Apparently our ward is like the biggest in Scotland.

Elder Yang is from China. He joined the church like 3 years ago. He is 24 years old. We get along so well. I love him already. He speaks very good English. He went to a University in Australia. Because he grew up in China he knows Chinese and talks to a lot of Chinese people here in Dundee. We are right by the University. I need to learn Chinese a little lol.

My address is:
60 South Victoria Dock Road
Dundee, Angus, Scotland

My flat is nice. It is right by the bay so I get to see the ocean everyday. We are also right next to the Tay bridge! It is 1.5 miles long. We are going to run it a lot in the mornings. On the other side of the bridge is the old course of St. Andrews. First golf course in the world. It is in my area! So for P day today me and other Elders are going to St. Andrews and the St. Andrews cathedral!!!! Professionals are practicing on it today. I'm super excited. We will also do our shopping and cleaning. Our flat has two bathrooms and three bedrooms. We also have a small kitchen. It is good here. Only me and Elder Yang live here. Their is another companionship here in Dundee and they like live 30 seconds away from us.

So my schedule goes like this.
Wake up
Study till 10
Go to town Square - GQ all day
If we have lessons go to lessons
Lessons go to lesson if not GQ
8:00 We have a program called '12 weeks' until 9:00
9:00 go home and get ready for bed.

We don't have bikes. I didn't want a bike anyways. We can take buses but we usually don't ride them. Some Elders have cars. But we don't.

We have taught a lot of lessons as a companionship already! One person we taught was a guy named R***. He is 18 and he likes Futbol. He goes to University and is studying cooking. He also wants to join the Army. He his really quiet and shy. I have gotten to know him really well he is such a good guy. The spirit is always so strong during our lessons. I asked him to be baptized! He accepted a date for the 5 of November!! I have a good feeling about him.

We also are teaching two girls. C**** and D***. They are 17. They are super good. C**** is just like Bailey. It is weird. They have a baptism date set for the 29th of October. The sad thing is they are not in our area so we have to refer them to the other Elders. They are also so shy. They don't want to be taught by anyone else but us. Hopefully we will baptize them.

Elder Yang and I made transfer goals yesterday. Boy oh boy we prayed for about two days to know what goal we should set. We decided we want 8 people to be at church at the end of this week. 8 people to have a baptismal date. 3 of them to be baptized. It is going to be hard. I know as we rely on the Lord and his Atonement and be happy we will find people that God has been preparing. Even if we don't accomplish this goal we will work hard. I love it.

Sometimes I wonder how I can keep this up for two years! Then I think about how the Savior gave up his life for the sins of all of us. And then I feel I have the strength and determination to keep going. The mission has already changed me. I feel the spirit so much when I am exactly obedient. It is awesome. It is hard to see people reject what you have to share with them because you know what it can do for them.

Dundee is honestly so pretty, so cool, so amazing. The work here is good. I cant wait to take you back Dad, and show you everything. I know I've been here for only a week but truly is amazing. I love it.

I love you all so much and miss you guys. Tell Crosby that Uncle Brett loves her. I love you guys!!

Elder Gowans

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