Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 4

Hey Family!!!!!

Wow what an awesome week! Elder Yang and I worked our butts off! No joke! I'm doing so good. I'm loving it here and am just trying to take it all in. I'm loving the people the ward and the other Elders.

The weather here is either really good or just straight crap. When I say crap it rains a little but the wind will go straight through your body and to your bones. It's honestly bone chilling. That is so cool about BYU I wish I could have watched it. 

Elder Yang and I are killing it. Are you ready for this?
6 investigators with a date
4 at church
4 new investigators
18 lessons this week
4 progressing investigators (like street contacted people that want to meet)

Zone stats
14 with a date
7 at church
6 progressing
38 lessons
16 new Investigators

Obviously, I am not trying to brag about the numbers we have. The only reason we have these numbers is because of our Heavenly Father. He is blessing us because we are working hard. It really is just that simple. The work is good. We are trying.

18 year old R***: Still working towards the 5th of November, taught him everything. we are just really trying to get him to have a burning desire to be baptized.

D*** and C****: School friends. Only 17 years old. We just found out that their parents do not like them meeting with us. They don't want them to get baptized... All we can do is have faith and hope their parents will let them. We cant baptize under 18 unless parents approval. Praying for the 29th of October still.

C*****: Goes to Uni. She is like 21. He doesn't speak to good of English. Elder yang will speak Chinese to him. I then help him learn English. I'm also studying Chinese lol. I'm not to good at it but I will try and say a few sentences. I try to speak to all of the Chinese people here. We are shooting for the 12th of November for his baptism.

C*****: She is also 17. She is golden. She is the nicest person ever. She told us when we taught her the restoration of the Gospel she felt happy inside. She then realized that the feelings she was having were of the Spirit. She is also scheduled for the 12th of November. The bad thing about C***** and D*** and C**** is that they all live in the Lochee area. We told them they have a choice to be taught by us or the other missionaries. We may not get to baptize them. It is the Lords plan. We are trying to be obedient. 

S**: This is the best part of my mission so far. It is a really long story. Last year in Dundee Elder Yang was here teaching S**. He had a baptismal date and everything. Then complications happened. He was not able to be baptized. Elder Yang kept working with him until transfers. Elder Yang was then transferred and before he left he told S** he would come back and baptize him. Well the other missionaries started to teach him and he just lost his faith. He stopped taking lessons and everything just dropped. ONE YEAR later in Dundee Elder Yang And Elder Gowans are GQ-ing in the town city centre and guess who sees Elder Yang. S** does. He comes and gives Elder Yang the biggest hug! To shorten the Story. S** has a date now on the 22nd of October. 12 days. He is the most amazing young man. His story is unbelievable. We teach him everyday. If this is all that happens to me on my mission then it was worth teaching him and seeing his conversion. God truly does love us and knows what we want. I cant wait to tell you everything one day.

We still haven't reached our goal of 8 with a date and 8 at church. We are trying.

Other things. We usually have had to have tea at our flat. But yesterday we got a lot of tea appointments I think 3. I'm excited for that. Transfers happen every 6 weeks here. President Donaldson is so awesome and his wife is amazing. She is so kind. I met Madeline Graves at church! She went to Orem High with Makayle. She is attending school here in Dundee.

That is so awesome about Blake. I love that guy. St. Andrews was awesome! I stood on the the famous bridge on 18th hole! Then we went down to the beach. Just amazing.

The town square, where we find people to teach, is so cool! People are always there playing the bag pipes. There is also a park named Baxter Park. That is where we taught R*** one time. They had a Scottish wedding outside of this building. Way cool!

I have already grown so much spiritually. Crazy. General Conference was so amazing. You should pick one talk a week to study. I liked the talk "Boys be Ambitious". It was so good. All of them were amazing.

I love you all so much!

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