Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 5

Another good week! ill just start off with last week.

Monday: didn't do anything really that special just your average P day. E mailed, Shopped, And cleaned and then at 6 we taught lessons till 9.

Tuesday: Tuesday was a good day! I was able to go on exchanges with one of our zone leaders, Elder Calton form Lehi Utah. I learned a lot from him and we taught some of his investigators and GQ for a while. I also met this guy from Manchester at this Cottage evening. It is just something the wards do here where the missionaries come over and play games and then share a message. I met this guy Jamie Roper from Manchester. He is the ward mission leader in the Lochee ward. He said he grew up in the Manchester south ward. He told me that Dad might know these last names. Robinson, Cook, and Pickington. Hopefully you do that would be cool.

Wednesday: Wednesday was a good day as well we were able to teach a lot of lessons and get some good finding hours in.

Thursday: Thursday was such a good day! We travelled to Edinburgh to go to the Mission conference! All missionaries in Scotland came. It was so good. We got to bear incoming testimonies and those leaving give departure testimonies. Then we had workshops and other things. But the last hour, President Donaldson gave such a powerful talk. It was so good. We then returned home to Dundee at 6:00 and had lessons to teach.

Friday: Another day full of lessons! We also committed 'S****' a Chinese lad to baptism. We committed him to baptized on the 5th of November! We are so were excited about that.     

Saturday: Saturday was also good. We did service for a lady in Lochee who was moving. The flat complex smelled so bad. Smelled like straight weed. But we did all of the heavy lifting. Doing service is always a good way to start the day. Then we were able to teach and find but we also had a dinner appointment with a guy named Daniel. He lives in the Lochee ward. We had kebabs! It was so good. There is a drink here in Scotland named IRN-BRU. It is so good!!! It is an orange drink. I don't know if you have ever had it Dad but wow! I am addicted to it already.

Sunday: Yesterday we had a great time at church. The ward is so good and so friendly. I always enjoy going to church just to regenerate and relax. I miss Sunday dinners at home.

That was my week. Now for the good and bad news... Bad news. The two 17 year old girls we were teaching can not meet with us anymore. Their parents did not like the idea of them being baptized. They also did not like them meeting with us. I don't know what is going to happen with them and there date of the 29th of November. We well see.

S** is still doing awesome! His baptism is this week on Sunday. Looking forward to that! We also were able to teach R*** twice. Our goal with him was to get him really excited for his baptism on the 5th of November. We were able to teach him with Brother Snee from the bishopric. We taught a very good lesson and got him excited about baptism. The other High school girl we are teaching is not responding to us anymore....  We also have two Chinese guys we are teaching that are still doing really good and progressing. That's all for now.

Numbers this week
4 with a date
2 at church
4 lessons with a member present
5 New investigators
19 lessons total

It has been raining so much every day. I just get absolutely soaked. And honestly, I like it. I love trying to be happy while it is pouring. It is fun. It is also getting really cold. Elder Charlesworth and Elder Lampropoulos live just down the road from us so that is good. They are both from Utah.

I'm am going to buy some Tartan ties. I figured out our family clan names. We are from the clans of Macpherson, Gow, Macdonald, and Chattan. I will get some for Dad and Matt as well. Probably towards the end of my mission.

I miss you all and love you all. I'm enjoying the mission so much and am trying to love every second. Tomorrow morning we are running the Tay bridge. We do it a lot. I hate it but you gotta love it. Thank you for all you are sacrificing!

-Elder Gowans

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