Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 6

Family and Friends!!

What a week of joy and hardship! the joy being S** got Baptized Yesterday!!!!! The hardship being it was just a really rough week haha.

Why it was so hard this past week. Nothing was going our way and all of our lessons kept getting dropped. Everything that happened went wrong. It was just a hard week. There were so many good things that happened as well!

The first one I will talk about is what happened on Saturday. Saturday we went on exchanges with the district leader. That meant I was able to go to work in St. Andrews!! Holy cow that place is so awesome! The people are all so nice and it is just a beautiful area and landscape. It is just awesome. I went with Elder Gunderson and Elder Charlesworth. It was probably the funniest day so far on my mission. We worked hard and pretty much GQ all day. I was having so much fun with them. We also went to a chippy shop there named Tailend. Wow it was soooooo goooood! The people in St. Andrews actually talk to you! Where as in Dundee people yell at you and spit at you, and do other things to you but its all good.

Second thing I loved about this past week was our tea appointments. The first was with a lady and her daughter. They lived in Argentina for 16 years so she knows Spanish! She is a member and had us over for tea. She also had her auntie there and she did not speak any English. I guess the two years of Spanish I took actually came in handy. I was able to talk really well with them in Spanish and actually explained so much that the auntie could understand! I thought that was awesome.

Third, we had another dinner appointment with a less active lady. She is so funny. She had the hardest accent to understand. When people have a deep Scottish accent you have a hard time understanding them. At the end of the meal she had made some custard!!! It was so good! It reminded me of home and dad making us all custard. So that was also great!

Fourth. The two seventeen year old girls we have been teaching us texted us and said that there parents are allowing them do what they want in regards to the church!!!! They left for October holidays but when they return home we will be able to teach them. Hopefully we can still get them ready for the 5th of November!!! So awesome!

Last but not least. Yesterday was the best day of my mission so far! S** got baptized!!!!!  =) Ah it was so amazing. The spirit at his baptism was unexplainable. I was filled with joy and even though our week had not been good it was all worth the wait. Honestly, I wish I could feel like that everyday. It truly was an experience I will never forget.

At the Baptism our two seventeen year olds also attended to watch how it goes. Our other investigator, R***, attended as well. They all loved it. They said that it felt so good. R*** has been really dodgy with us this past week. We actually didn't get to meet with him. So when he came to the baptism we were happy. He said he was really excited for his own. He said he felt more comfortable with it. Awe it was so good! So many miracles are happening to us right now.

D*** and C**** are the 17 year olds. The loved the baptism as well. Our other two Chinese guys are progressing really well. S*** and C*****! They both came to church and liked it. They can't really understand very much. Me and Elder Yang both explained very simply what was being said. I am also learning a lot of Chinese! Well I try. But yeah we are doing good!

1 Baptized
0 Confirmed ( next week at church Sam will get confirmed)
5 with a baptismal date
3 at church
1 new investigator 
13 lessons taught

We are going to work even harder this week to increase those numbers! =)

Halloween is coming up and apparently in Scotland we have to be back in our flat by 1:00 because of what goes down on that day... Oh! Guy Faux night is on November 5th. We celebrate that day too! lol. Dundee is great place but it can also be a really sketchy place at night.

Yesterday we had a dinner appointment with a member in the Liff ward. Elder Charlesworth's area. She lives on a farmland above the city of Dundee. The beautiful view we had of Dundee was for miles! So pretty.

Anyway, I love you guys and miss you all a lot, thank you for the e-mails, it means a lot.

Love Elder Gowans

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