Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 11

Where to start off...

These past two weeks have been really hard. This is the first week I have not had any investigators at church. Which is not something to complain about but I feel as if I am failing my area and not doing good enough. These past two weeks we have had 18 lessons planned for people we had met in the street and 0 of them have showed up for there appointment. That means we have had no new people to teach. No one new to bring to church. I am just really frustrated and mad at myself.

But with that being said this week was still a great week to be a missionary! Tuesday I went on exchanges again to St. Andrews! That place is so awesome. I was with Elder Gunderson our district trainer. We get along so well. We went again to the chippy Tailend! It is so good. It is my favourite chippy. We also went and got some ice cream from this shop. The vanilla ice cream was the best. No joke the best I have ever had. That was a good day.

Thursday we had Thanksgiving tea with some of the YSA members in our ward. The flat we ate at was Kyle's. Kyle, and another recent convert Colleen, both cooked our Thanksgiving meal. They are both recently baptized members from this year so that was really special day we were able share with them. And to be there also with all the missionaries from our district. Mark, who is my second dad because he calls me BABY, was also there. He is my favourite. That is all that I have to report on from this past week.

We did teach our current investigators. We just need to do a better job of finding. And when we do our finding now we are doing it in 0 degree weather. I love it though. I love talking to people and getting to know them. I also love it when people yell and throw things at us. It fuels me even more to find people to teach. Funny enough there were people in town on Friday handing out anti Mormon pamphlets!!! I got one for my journal!

Our two Chinese people are still doing good. S*** is so good. He tells us he would be baptized right now if it weren't for things that happen in China. C***** is the same. The government in China is very strict on the rules. All of the University students are busy right now because of there exams that are coming up. A lot of essays to write so it is hard to find right now.

D**** and C**** are still doing great too. They both are trying there best to talk to their parents about baptism. I can only trust and have faith that their parents will let them someday. We taught them about temples. They absolutely loved it. They both expressed their desire to go to one someday.

This week will be a better week! I trust in the Lord to provide us with a better week. I love you all. Thank you for the emails. I hope you are enjoying the weather in Utah. I hear it has been warm... Until next week!

I am also sending you some beautiful sights of Dundee from this past week!

Elder Gowans

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