Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 8

Wow what a week of ups and downs. I don't even know where to start.

Well sadly all good things come to an end. Elder Yang got the call on the 5th. He will be going to Belfast and I am staying here in Dundee. I am really torn. I don't have much else to say about it rather than I am so grateful to be trained by Elder Yang. He has helped me and shown me how to be a successful missionary. A missionary that actually gets out and does missionary work!

My new companions name is Elder Donovan. He is form Utah.  He is also another Chinese speaking missionary. I'm nervous to start again with a new companion. It will all work out.

This week was good. We did not baptize E***** due to some difficulties. Don't worry he is getting baptized this Saturday along with R***. R*** was able to get a job application for a job that doesn't require him to work on Sundays. Pray for him. Pray that he will get the job! 

Monday it was obviously Halloween! Such a fun day. We saw some crazy things in the streets before we headed back to our flat. It was so good. We got some pizza and Irn-Bru and had a good time. The only bad part is the other missionaries that came to our flat left it as a total mess. You know me. I am a clean freak!

Tuesday through Saturday were just a regular work days. We taught and found people.

Saturday was Guy Faux holiday. After work the other Elders came to our flat (because I am the life of the party lol jk). We were able to watch fireworks over the city but then it ended sad because we got the call that told us Elder Yang is leaving us. Super Sad.

Sunday we went to church. After church we went down to Edinburgh for a fireside at the mission home. It was a fireside for less actives and investigators. During the fireside we went and GQ the Burg. That was a really good day! I saw Elder Labuschagne there. I don't know if I told you much about Elder Labu. Labu is my best friend from the MTC. We are like brothers. He is the one from England. I love him so much. When we all get home I will come back over and visit him.

That is pretty much my week. I don't have much to say other than missionary work is awesome! It is also getting so cold over here!

Thank you again for all of the emails! 

-Elder Gowans

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