Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 9

Family and friends!

What a week! As you all know Elder Yang left for Belfast last Monday. My new companion name is Elder Donovan! He is from Grantsville Utah. He was born in California but lived in Colorado for a long time. He didn't do any sports back home but he did do theatre. We are two totally different people. But we also get along so well! We laugh so much together. He is so funny. He is awesome. We are working really hard and having fun!

This week was good but was also rough. It was rough because I was really stressed to be showing ED, Elder Donovan, the area. I was leading everything and telling us where to go and what to do. After the first two days with ED I started to calm down and we just worked. We are doing so well already.

We had a baptism on Saturday! ROSS! Sadly though we are not baptizing E***** anymore. It is too long of a story to explain but he is still getting baptized. It will be performed in the Montrose ward in Arbroath! He is still good it's just that we are not baptizing him.

Ross's baptism was on Saturday the 12th. I was also able to preform the ordinance. This one was one of the most special days of my life. Just thinking about it brings me so much joy. It was an experience I will never forget. Ross asked me to baptize and confirm him but I told him it would probably be better for a member to confirm him. Only if he wanted to. He had Brother Craig Snee who is in the Bishopric confirm him. I was in the circle and that was also so powerful!

The weather here is so flipping cold. Like I can't believe how cold it is! It rains literally everyday. And the wind!! It is like 3 degrees celsius. Honestly, when you are trying to talk to people in the rain I find it fun. You're out here doing the Lords work. Whether it be in the rain and cold. It's a classic missionary story! I am sending some more pictures. One of them is when the sun is setting over the docks here in Dundee by our flat. The picture was taken at 4:00 p.m. hahahh! The sun sets so early here it's crazy!

This transfer will end on December 18th. A five week transfer.

Yesterday we taught F***** and committed him to baptized on the 3rd of December! We are still meeting with D*** and C****. They came to Saturday's baptism. We are hoping to meet with both of their parents and tell them that Mormons are not crazy. We are seeing them today at 6:30. S*** and C***** are doing alright. Just need to help them develop more faith!

I have really grown this week and have realized that missionary work is a day to day procedure. You need to take it step by step so that these steps become habits. If you truly want happiness and true joy you have to just continue to try. Everything in this life will be a trial if you are expecting things to just go your way. Where as if you just continue to try your best then great things will happen!

Love you all!

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