Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 13

This week was a good week.

This past Tuesday was a day I will never ever forget! We had our district meeting and right after we got some lunch and then headed off to St. Andrews! I love that place. On the way there we had just gone over the bridge, so we were in Fife and while on the motorway and all the sudden our car would not accelerate... We pulled over and eventually had to call a tow truck. It wouldn't be able to come for 3 hours... So what to do? We went on a flipping adventure out in the middle of farmland called Inverdovat. The day ended up being so fun. We went on a cool path and talked to people on the trail. We were able to see rivers and lakes and were able to look back over Dundee. I was wearing some black slacks I got for 10£ at a store and ended up slipping and ripped it from the back to the front of my pants. My long johns ended up hanging out of my pants!!! So funny. I had to tie my coat around my waist so no one could see them. It was pouring rain and freezing but we ended up coming back to the car after a hour to see if the police had shown up. They hadn't so we decided to go to a petrol station just down the motorway and we were waking along the motorway with cars going up to 70 mph. They were all splashing water on us!!!! It was a fun day. I got a IRN BRU and a Yorkie bar at the petro station. Finally the tow truck guy came and took us to the car dealership. We ended up finishing the the day by doing some caroling in the city centre with people in our ward! It was a good experience.

The sun has been setting here around 3:30. So weird. It is dark by 4:00. There have been musical players in the city. They were playing White Christmas the other day. I thought about our White Christmas parties. I got sad because I wouldn't be able to beat Matt in ping pong again….

We got a referral from our Sister missionaries in our area. His name is N*******! He is 49 years old and is awesome! He already has a baptismal date for December 31st We get along really well. I'm excited about that.

Sunday. Moves call. I am sad to say that I am not going to be in Dundee YSA ward anymore... At church before the call I was looking out at the view we have here from our chapel and I got the worst feeling!  I felt as if this view would be my last. I was so nervous for the rest of the day... Sure enough the AP's called at 6:00 p.m.. They gave us the word and said that the Lord has a new assignment for both me and Elder Donavon.. They said that we will now be serving in the other Dundee ward, The 2nd Ward!!!!!!!!! Let me explain. I am still in Dundee but my new area is in the Lochee area. It is the other area here in Dundee. We will be white washing this new area. No more Dundee YSA ward. There are too many missionaries in this ward right now. The other ward is also known as the LIff ward. I don't know what is happening with our Christmas anymore? I don't know the new ward at all. With that being said I am going to really miss our YSA Bingham ward! I will miss the members I have grown to love. I will miss our Bishop. I will miss the view we have even though I will still be able to see it sometimes. I am also not in the St. Andrews district anymore. I will  not be able to teach our recent converts anymore. I will not be able to teach our current investigators. We turn them over to our ZLs... On the bright side of this change we still get to teach all of Lochee's investigators. Some of those investigators that we will be teaching are C*****, D***, and C**** . They all live in that area! I wont know very many other people for my first Christmas and that makes me a little sad of course.

I just need to move forward with firm faith that what has happened will be for the best. I will probably still be in Dundee for a quite a while now. I am excited to stay in Dundee and serve in Lochee. I hope everything will go right.

I love you all!

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