Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 14

WOW what a week of miracles!! This week in my new area was so good. I am so grateful to be in Lochee. Where to start. Mom and Dad please thank the Burgener’s and the Robert’s for sending me Christmas cards! It means a lot to me. Here are a few of the past week miracles! We have 7 with a date!

C**** 5 of Jan
M**** 15 of Jan
G****  15 of Jan
M**** 15 of Jan
B**** 15 of Jan
K*** 31 of Jan
D*** 31 of Jan

Monday. P-day. I bought this sweet looking Scotland scarf one that you would wear to a futbol match! In the evening we went and taught our new investigators in our new area! Only two. The Lochee area has not seen success in a long time. At first I was scared to go from Bingham ward to the the Liff ward. The Bingham Terrace chapel has such a special place in my heart. I love the people there so dearly! To answer your question, yes I do go to a new chapel. It is on Liff road in Lochee. It is the Dundee 2nd ward. Tuesday I had one of the saddest days on my mission. I had to hand the people over who I have been teaching to the ZLs.

C***** was first. C***** is leaving to England to go visit his girlfriend. After that he may be going back to China. We don't know. But as we taught C***** I knew someday no matter where he goes he will join the church. He knows it is true. He knows what he needs to do. I have faith that even back in China he will join. C****** last words to me were, "Go-Ans, (that is how he says my name), thank you so much for helping me. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for making me happy. I love you Go-Ans. Make sure you come visit me in China. It made me so sad.

Next up on the list is S***. Now S*** has such a special place in my heart too. I have known him since day 4 of my mission. I GQ’d him from the beginning and have taught him ever since. S*** was literally my first friend here on my mission besides Mark who is a recent convert. I taught S*** with Elder Calton my ZL. I shared my final testimony with him. I said to him how much I loved him. I told him that he knew that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love him so much more than I do. I told him that They will always help him. S***, with tears in his eyes, stared at me. I lost it. I have grown to love these people so much here in Dundee. S*** then said the closing prayer. He said; “Thank you for my friend, Gowans. Thank you for making me meet him. Thank you for our friendship these past 3 months that we have had together. Please help me to get baptized. Please help me meet Gowans in the city and in China in the future. I love Gowans.” My good friend S***.  He will get baptized someday. I know it. It may not be here in Scotland but he knows what he needs to do.

The last person I said goodbye to was I**. I have not talked much about I** at all. I** has been investigating for 9 months now. He is also from China. I have grown to know him my whole time here. We went to his flat because he wanted to feed us a proper Chinese meal before I left. It was so yummy! I** is moving to London for work. He has to do this so he can stay here in the UK. I hope to be able to visit all three of them again some day.

Wednesday was awesome. We went Christmas caroling with the young men and woman in our new ward. It was such a good experience. I already feel so much love for the Liff ward.

On Saturday not much happened other than me and Elder Donavon were interviewed by a on-line newspaper. They asked us a bunch of questions about Christmas. The newspaper is called rebreaknews.comGo look at it. I am not sure when they will post the interview so just keep checking back. It should also be on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Faceboook.

We had our Christmas party on Saturday. It was so fun. We were able to meet so many of the new members of this ward and just talk. I met a guy who went to BYU in 2009 to study law. He was wearing all BYU stuff! It made me so happy. His last name is Brother Clancy. I also met his daughter who lives in Orem! She teaches at Timpview High school! What do you know! She teaches special ed. She is home now for Christmas. D*** and C**** came to the party as well. We had a great time!

Sunday was a special day. We were able to go to church and all three of us new missionaries bore our testimonies in Sacrament meeting. I bore a simple one. It was centered around Isiah 6:8. Why I am here. I am here to serve the Lord. I will do everything I can to ensure this ward is a great ward. But I can not do it alone. I need the help of our members. I told them I know that our Saviour will always help us. He will always look after us. We are his sheep. He will always come back for the one. He will because he knows what it is like to be alone and lost in this world. (D&C 121).

We had 5 people at church!! Can you believe that! What a miracle! We met so many new people this week. We have so many progressing!

After church on Sunday we had ‘lunch and mingle’. It was so good. We also witnessed the baptism of Frank. Frank is a person that Sister Truman and her companion have been teaching. D*** and C**** were also there for the Baptism! They are doing so good! We still need their parents hearts to be softened.

I am still here with Sister Truman. She stayed here in Dundee so we are in the same ward now! Elder Charlesworth sadly left and went to Glasgow. Let me tell you about him. He joined my first companionship with Elder Yang a week in. We had a trio. HE IS ONE MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE companions! He is someone that I will always have great memories about and will always stay close to after the mission. He is one of the most interesting people you will ever meet. He is so funny. We are the best friends. He will be dearly missed.

I do have tea appointments. So grateful for that. I also got a present from the Liff ward yesterday. I feel so loved and so much at home here. I talked to this lady that said she has GOWANS ancestors! I wrote down for her Dad’s name, Grandpa’s name, James name, and Hugh’s name. She is going to see how we are related! So cool.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all! May you all have a wonderful week and enjoy this time with each other. I am excited for Sunday, Christmas day, to be able to see you all. I will be at our Bishop’s house for Christmas! He is a great man! He has a great family! 10 kids. 7 that live at home. Bishop Keogh. (key-o). They will have us and the Sisters over for Christmas day. I will call you from there! They have a daughter on a mission who will Skype them at 7:00 Scotland time. I will e-mail you during this week to let you know exactly what time. Plan on 11:00 your time 6:00 my time. The Keogh’s are a great family! I don't have much time left! I have to get a haircut today. Plus we still need to go grocery shopping. P-day goes only until 1:00 today!

I love you all!

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