Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 18

We hit the streets so hard this week for 27 hours to be exact. It was the lowest potential week I have had so far. But I also had the most finding time so far on my mission. I seriously just like laugh because we are having such a hard time.

I went to Law hill last Monday. It is where you can overlook the entire city of sacred Dundee. I seriously love it here. I love the town, sights, smells, noises. Just everything! And I love the people who hate me.

I don't think I have ever been this tired on my mission. I literally go to bed and wake up the next morning only to find myself more tired. We hope to have a better week this next week. We have been doing a lot of member work here in the Liff ward. We are hoping to get 3 referral's this week from members. Sadly I feel as if my time is coming to an end here in Dundee. Everybody else thinks so too. That will push me harder to finish out my home city with diligence and with humility. I hope to be able to find that Gowans touch. But we need to be able to find and teach the elect people who we are here to find. Elder Donavon and I are doing good.

The one girl, M**, that we were teaching and had to give to the other Elders went to church yesterday. She is doing great! She really wanted to see us again so we took her for hot chocolate for lunch on Friday. We just talked and used our lunch hour to be with her.

All is well! I love the mission. I never thought I would love it this much. I love reading the scriptures. A member in the Liff ward gave me a new pair of scriptures. The ones I brought over were the same ones that I have had since my baptism 10 years ago. It is a mini quad! If I get any free time I am burying my face into the scriptures. I started reading the D&C on Tuesday. I am now in section 60. I love missionary work! I am changing as a person. I love it so much. I am sorry for the weird e-mail. I know it is not like the others I have sent.

Finally Sunday was a good day. A girl named G****, who had dropped us a week ago, texted us Friday wanting to meet up with us again. We met with her yesterday and got her with a new date for baptisim on the 12th of February. A tender mercy.

I love you all!

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