Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 19

This week was amazing! Here is a quick update on our current investigators.

M** is getting baptized this Saturday! I will for sure be there before transfers. I am not sure who is going to baptize her. G**** is not responding to us anymore. D*** turns 18 in July. It is still aways away, but she is doing so good.

Last Monday, p-day, we went to Broughty Ferry. It is just a wee town 20 min outside of Dundee. We were able to go and see the beach there and go visit the castle! So cool! After 6:00 we hit the streets. I talked to a lady named F***** from Zambia! We sat down at a coffee shop and taught her about the restoration. She felt the spirit! We were supposed to see her today again but she dropped us. After getting dropped Elder Donavon did not feel good. The next morning, Tuesday he woke up feeling like crap. He had a bad fever and so we called Sister Donaldson. She told him to stay inside. We stayed in the flat pretty much all that day. I did make him get up and go to work for a wee 2 hours. I gave him a blessing at the end of the day. He said it really helped.

WEDNESDAY! What a day! On Tuesday's we go to ward council. In that meeting the High Priest leader gave two referrals. A family and one other older man. The family lives out in a place called Blair Gowrie (Gowans similar). It is a 30 min drive from Dundee. It is by Perth. Holy cow! The drive out there was amazing! Countryside the entire way. Rivers. Rolling green hills. Wee mountains in the distance with snow peaks, and sunlight streaming through the clouds! I can't fully describe it but I love this country! It gives me chills every time I think about it.

We went to a home and chapped a door with no answer. We went back outside and buzzed into the flat. This man then peeked out from his window and said to come back in an hour. He said that is when his daughter would be home. We said fair enough and left. We went to visit this second guy. Now this guys name is R*****. He let us in his home and said to us, "You are lucky you caught me. If you would have waited another hour I would have left!" That was the first miracle. So now we had time to talk to R*****.  (Lord Gowies name!) We sat down and began to talk. He is a inactive member. It has been 40 years since he has last been to church. He told us stories how he had been the Bishop. He has been married in the temple. R***** is a legend. He had been a member only 4 years before being called as the Bishop! He told us how he had felt somewhat like Lehi who had been wondering in the wilderness for 40 years. We talked for a good hour and then told us this was the first time someone from the church had come to see him... So sad. He said that he knows he needs to come back to church. He still knows it is true but it's just getting him there. I felt so much sadness yet joy for us coming and talking to him. We committed him to come to church in two weeks. What a special experience.

After talking to R***** we went back to the other flat and the man that told us to come back actually let us in. This man, R****** hasn't been to church for over 30 years! He was baptized when he was 17 years old. He went on to join the army and because of that never went back to church. He too still knows that the gospel is true. He said he felt like when we came over he had been 're-summoned' back to the church. He is such a cool guy. We got along so well with each other. We talked for a little over an hour and then his daughter, T****, came home! T**** is 18 years old and is very interested in the church. She has been being prepared for us for her whole life. When she walked into the flat we started to talk to her and taught a wee lesson. We knew that she was ready and committed her to be baptized on February 5th! She accepted without hesitation. Wow! This day was a special day to me.

Friday we had exchanges again with Kirkcaldy! This was a good day. I went with Elder Butler. We took a train and spent most of the day out in Kirkcaldy. Loads of fun! I have pics from that day.

Saturday, went back to Blair Gowrie with Ray, the member, and taught T**** again and her dad, R*****. She loved the lesson about the restoration. The Spirit was pumping! What a great day. We also taught our boy T******* from Zimbabwe. The drive out to Blair Gowrie the countryside was covered with fog. Amazing!

Sunday! R****** came to church like he said he would. Thirty years since that last time he came. He almost came to tears at church! T**** also came! We taught the Plan of Salvation to her after church. It all went so well! We are seeing them again on Tuesday.

Today is p-day. We are going to go to Baxter park and play futbol, basketball, tennis, and American football! Should be great!

Transfer calls are this Sunday. I already know I am gone. I feel it and everyone else knows it as well. Apparently, this is going to be a huge move for the mission, that is the word from our Mission President. I love Dundee too much. I will leave probably a couple days before T**** gets baptized. Sad.

Love you all!

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