Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week 21

What a amazing past two weeks! As most of you are aware I was unable to get a chance to email last Monday. I was busy housing everyone in Dundee at our flat. Then I needed to make sure they all made it on time to the bus and train stations. Then, sadly, my time came to an end in Dundee. I know I will forget things as time goes on but I was sad to leave my home. Before I left on Saturday January 28th I was able to baptize MAE!!!! It was such a special experience. It was my last memory in Dundee. My mind is still a blur but right after the baptism I received the phone call to be moved to Edinburgh.

On Sunday the 29th I had to say goodbye to all of my friends and family here in Dundee. We ate lunch at the Keogh's. They all talked about what they liked most about Sister Truman and me. Sister Truman was also transferred to Northern Ireland. It really touched my heart to hear the things they said about us. Sheila, the mother of the family, gave me a big hug and said; "You are one of the missionaries over all the years here who we truly love." She had tears in her eyes when she spoke. "You are welcome back anytime so please keep in touch with us." I was so sad but also grateful to hear those words.

Monday the 30th I left Dundee in the morning just before noon. I got on the train to leave by myself and my heart felt so torn... I sat down and watched Dundee get smaller and smaller behind me as the train left. It was sad but it also brought peace to my mind. I knew as I left that I had done what was needed for me to do in Dundee. I was fine with leaving. It was such a a spiritual experience.

This past week in Edinburgh was amazing. I will be serving in the YSA ward with my companion Elder Elton! Elton is a stud. He is from the Seattle area and has been out 6 months. That means he has been out just 1 month longer than me. We are District or SAs Leaders here. It is confusing how it works but I cover 2 teams and Elder Elton covers 4 teams. And we are both related! His ancestors tie back to Tooele, Utah and James Gowans.

When I arrived in Edinburgh and met my new zone leaders. They drove me and Elder Elton to our flat and then said "cya later!" We had no idea what was happening. We knew we were white washing the area meaning the past two Elders serving here both left. They also only left us with one investigator which dropped us the next day.

We have worked so HARD this past week! Tuesday and Wednesday we spent the entire two days finding. We talked everyone we met. We worked 10 hours straight both days. We did not take any breaks for lunch or dinner. No food. We knew we needed to build up our teaching pool!

On Thursday we had our all Scotland conference. Elder Johnson from the Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke to us. He spoke about the new missionary schedule. At the conference I saw Elder Thompson! He was in my district while at the MTC!!! I love that guy. I also saw Elder Yang my trainer. He came over from Ireland. Friday we worked another straight 10 hours. No lunch. No dinner.

Saturday our hard work finally started to pay off. We taught so many people lessons! We have now set dates with a lot of these people. It is such a blessing.

Sunday February 5th. I am not sure of all of the details but Terri was baptized in Dundee! Elder Donavon baptized her. Ricky also was at church again. That means he has now been to church 4 weeks in a row! Reactivation! So many blessings. I was sent a picture of Terri's baptisim so I am sending it on to you.

This past week we have found so many potentials people to teach. It's around seventy. It's unheard of. We have taught so many Chinese people in the last couple of days. It is seriously getting to the point that, that is all we do! Teach! I can help Elder Elton teach in Chinese! My Chinese is actually pretty good. Not bad for someone not being called to learn the Chinese language. We had 6 investigators to church on Sunday! I guess that is what you get for not eating for a week! I am totally exhausted every-night. We finally bought some food today. I will now get a chance to finally eat. Our investigators that came to church were; Zhong Yu, Reaven, Jane, Sophie, Ai ne, and Yu Lei. At church we taught the Chinese gospel principal class with some other Chinese Rcs! We now have 12 new investigators we are teaching since arriving. We went from 0 to 12. Heavenly Father is showering gifts upon me and Elder Elton! Because of this I have not had time to think about Dundee! I have not stopped working for 50 hours. In Dundee we would average around 36 hours of finding and teaching. This past week we had 51 hours. No breaks. We go to the grocery store and buy 1£ bag of rolls and eat for 5 minutes and then go back out and work again!

I love missionary work! I love life! The Burgh is so Beautiful! Today for p-day we got up at 6:30 and hiked Arthur's Seat! I am sending you some of those pictures as well.

I love you all!

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