Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 26

This week we saw so many miracles but also so many sad times!

To start off with the saddest story you guys will ever hear.... After winning 92 games of ping pong in a row I was finally beaten by my zone leader Elder Peacock.. Sad times. Other than that we had a great week!

Sophie entered the waters of baptism on Wednesday! It was such a great baptismal service. She brought so many friends to the service so it was a great experience. She sent us a huge long text after her baptisim saying how wonderful it was!

Friday Elder Elton and I went to a mission leadership training meeting. At the meeting I saw President Donaldson. He told me that Elder Labuschgne is coming back to the mission. He was my best mate from the MTC. He comes back tomorrow!

Saturday was move calls. I am staying in Edinburgh! Elder Elton is staying too. Which is so good! Later that day Mark, from Dundee, surprised me with a quick visit! He is such a good man. I love him so much! He is my Daddy….

Sunday I was able to attend the best Stake Conference ever! The meeting was so spiritual. All of the speakers were so awesome...!


Gao Zi Jie
This is my Chinese name. Which translates into:
Gowans Outstanding Boy

Love you all!

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