Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 27

This week, to be honest, was the hardest week in Edinburgh... ALL of our investigators are so busy with University and work no one wanted to listen to us. No one wanted to meet up. We fasted one day and still saw nothing. We are working so flipping hard, and it is great, but when you do not see any results from it, it can be hard to stay excited and optimistic.

Sunday we had no one come to church. It was my second time on my mission this has happened. But then later on Sunday, things started to turn around. Elder Elton and I fasted for just appointments in the evening. As the day went on and the sun came out and people started to relax. That is when we were finally able to set up some new appointments. We were also blessed to teach on the spot lessons which also leads to new investigators!

Sophie was confirmed a member on Sunday. That is always such a huge blessing!  The Lord is always waiting to shower us with blessings as long as we remain faithful, work hard and are obedient. I know that God looks over and loves every single one of us.

St. Patricks day was mental. Seriously people were out in the pubs and in the streets drinking at 10:00 in the morning! There were so many parties that day. So many drunks you cant even imagine. Elder Elton and I got these hats from a drunk guy. He was just giving them out at this pub. It actually will be a good memory. One to treasure. lol.

I am thankful to be a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love this work. I have also began to realize that it does nothing for me as a missionary to sit and think I have it rough. I am here trying to spread a very important message. A message of everlasting life and happiness.

This next week will be better!

Love you all!

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