Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 28

I hope everyone is doing good! This week was much better than last week! 

Last p day we went to the beach and saw so many cool sites. We saw castle ruins. A lighthouse. We explored this cool cave. We saw some kind of a tower with a cross on it. Scotland has so many of the most beautiful scenes on earth! 

Elder Elton and I have been working hard non stop this past transfer and then some. I have never felt so tired in my life. Everyday we work and very seldom eat. It's just go go go. It's all good. 

The weather here in Edinburgh also has improved. But it is still so inconsistent. It is either great where we can walk around in just a white shirt or it is freezing cold. No in between! When the sun is out all you want to do is find people all day! Where on the other hand if it is cold you want to make sure you are teaching inside haha! 

This week was so good. We were able to meet with more people and we have set them baptismal dates! 

Ting Ting - April 12th  
Keather - April 12th
Omar - April 19th
Shu ting - April 19th 

These are the four we are focusing on right now. Of the three girls; Keather was able to come to church. She is so smart. In our Chinese gospel principle class we teach she bore a powerful testimony about how she feels when she feels the Holy Ghost. So good! 

Church yesterday was so good! It was also mothers day here in Scotland! So it was a good time to think of me mum back in America. 

We are ripping it up here in Edinburgh! This transfer is very short one so move calls are set for the 15th of April. That is coming up quick. My mission seems to keep going faster and faster! 

I love you all!

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