Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 29

This week was a good week! The sun was shining and the work was good!

Last Monday we ended up going to the same beach we went to last week. We played around and also fed some horses. We looked at the beautiful scenery that Scotland always has to offer! The beach is named North Berwick. Look it up. It is so beautiful!

Monday we were able to go have dinner with our most recent convert Sophie. Another friend of Sophie's was their with us. The dinner was so good!

On Tuesday we had a Scotland West Zone Conference. That includes the missionaries from Glasgow, Paisley, and Edinburgh. The conference was really good. I got to say the opening prayer. Kyle Singer from Dundee also payed us a visit from Dundee. It was so good to see that guy again! He is such a good friend.

Wednesday Elder Elton and I took an assignment from our Bishop which is called AUFs. This is where you go and find if people that are on the church records and see if they still live in our ward area. This assignment gave me the opportunity to drive for the first time in the UK! Holy cow was it a ride! Seriously though I thought I did really good. We had a lot of fun. After that assignment we did like 3 hours of chapping.

Friday we had interviews with President Donaldson. That is always a great experience. I see him a lot now. I am much closer to him now and feel more comfortable when I am around him! He is such a good President.

Sunday was another good day! We had three investigators come to church and watch conference with us. They all loved it! I think I loved it more! All the talks were so good and so uplifting! I love conference weekend! The sun was also out. Nothing but blue skies. Oh such a good day! I loved hearing our prophets voice again. Even though it was short. Just looking at him I can feel the spirit! I also saw Ruth Crosland!

After conference we went and helped the AP's move stuff in President and Sister Donaldson's home. Afterwards Sister Donaldson made us tea. I believe it was the best meal I have had since arriving on my mission! Sister Donaldson and I get along so well. She literally is like my mom. She is always asking me if I need anything. She is always making sure I am eating, which I am not, but it is always nice of her to care.

I love you all!

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