Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 30

Hello everyone. Here was my week.

Monday - We had a good p day. We went to the reservoir and had fun with some of the other missionaries. That night we went to China Red for dinner with some of our Chinese investigators.

Tuesday - I received the news of Delane's passing. We were having our district meeting. I will share some of my thoughts with you about this later.

Wednesday- We had 3 on the spot lessons. We found a really prepared soul. His name is M****** and he is from China. So solid.

Thursday - We drove to Livingston to do a baptismal interview. We also went to Brother Thompson's to do our weekly service.

Friday - Colleen, from Dundee, came to visit us. What a legend she is!

Saturday - Had my 9th pair of trousers rip.... Next Saturday is move calls. I  wonder if I will be staying in Edinburgh?

Sunday- We had two investigators to church. Church is always so great!

Last Tuesday, when I heard the news of Delane's passing, I was in shock. At first, I didn't know what to think. I held the printed e-mail in my hand and just stared at it. I was thinking that this couldn’t be true. Finally, when everyone left the room, I got on my knees, and with tears in my eyes; I asked Heavenly Father if the plan he has for us true? I finished my prayer, got up, and felt exactly the same. No clarity, no comfort. I finished working the rest of that long day and then returned to our flat that night. I opened my study journal, still with the printed e-mail in hand, started to read over my notes that I had taken from this last General Conference. As I read, everything seemed to stop and I felt this indescribable comfort come over me. This all happened when I was lead to this one scripture that President Uchtdorf read. Matthew 23:11.

"But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant."

Right then I knew that Delane was going to be all right. I knew I was going to be all right. My memories of Delane are memories of love and service! Delane served everyone around him. He served his wife, his daughters, his grandchildren, all of his friends, and our family. He literally served everyone. Delane is one of the greatest person's I have ever met. Every time I talked to Delane I always walked away from those conversations with a smile on my face.

I know that Delane is in a better place. Some of us may not feel that comfort right now. Some of us may feel like God isn't even there. But I want you to know that He is. And He loves us.

Elder Holland said this; "The Gospel of Jesus Christ gives us hope for a better world."

I know that the Prince of Peace knows how we all feel. I know that we can find that perfect peace in the Prince of Peace. And I know that I will see Uncle Delane’s smiling face again. Until then let us all press forward until we find that perfect peace.

Love Brett.

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