Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 31

I am going to Dublin!!!

Ahhh man I am so excited to go to Dublin. Dublin is booming right now! I have wanted to go there since I first got my call! Lets go!

I got the call from President Donaldson on Friday. I am also being called to serve as a District Leader. My companion is Elder Clay. This will be his last transfer. He just completed being a Zone Leader. It will be great to have someone train me in a leadership role. I will be serving in the the more posh part of Dublin. An area and ward called Terenure! I am so excited to go!

Because of Easter I will leave Thursday morning! I will bus to Glasgow, Ferry to Belfast, and then onto Dublin! It will be so good!

I am also very sad to be leaving Scotland. Scotland is all I have known since arriving here on my mission seven months ago. I still am and will continue to miss my first area, Dundee. And now I will miss Edinburgh too. My first areas! I will miss all of the kilts people wear. I will miss the wards I have served in. I will miss all of the missionaries I have served with. And now I will miss all of the people I have served.

I will really miss Elder Elton. I will miss him dearly. He is my friend and my cousin! It just went way to fast. Way to fast.... Ahh man but I am ready to go to the Emerald Isle!

This last week was so good! We committed and progressed three people for baptism!

M******  26th of April 
S**  26th of April
A***  26th of April

I am sad I will not be here to see them all get baptized. It was a blessing that I could be a small part of of their conversions.

Another couple highlights from this past week. Mae was able to come visit us briefly from Dundee. She is doing so good! Sunday was great too! It was Easter Sunday! I felt the Spirit so strongly! Church is always such a great time to think and ponder about my Savior. No distractions.

Love Elder Gowans

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