Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 32

This week has been a week of sad times and great times!

The sad first. I had to say all of my good-bye's to my friends and family before I left Edinburgh. I have so many since I first arrived here back in January. It was very sad to say good bye and to leave them. 

Now the great. Holy cow! I love it here in Ireland! I can not begin to tell you how cool it is here!

Last Thursday morning I woke up at 4:00 a.m. I made it to the bus stop where the bus would take me to Glasgow. In Glasgow I took another short bus ride to the ferry station. Once on the ferry, we set sail for Belfast, Northern Ireland. Once we made it to Belfast we took one last bus ride to Dublin. So I’m here!

DUBLIN is such a great place! I already love it here!

Here are my first impressions of Ireland. The people as a whole seem to be nicer than the Scots. They are very different. They seem to be more religious but seem to drink more! Go figure… Also the city of Dublin itself is not kept us as nice as Edinburgh. But with that said it just seems to have a nicer feel. I said before, I will miss Scotland but it is so good here! Our flat here is not as nice as the flats I had in Scotland. Their also seems to be a lot of different nationalities of people living here than there were in Scotland… And the language here is a wee bit different.  :-)

I am having such a good time. I am so loving life! To be honest, I am in the greatest mission in the world! It is just so good! I am so excited to be here in Ireland! I have already met and have been introduced to some of the ward members. I met Sister Ludlow. It was so great. She is so awesome!

Elder Clay and I are already working so hard! We have set a goal to baptize 3 of our Heavenly Father’s children before Elder Clay leaves for home. And guess what! We already have one set for this week. Saturday! On the first day I arrived here we found and taught a Chinese girl. She had already been to church once before. She loves the church. She wanted to know so much more. We went over to her home and taught her everything. I even taught her in my broken Chinese language! She committed to be baptized for this Saturday. She has the beginning of a great testimony. She believes in what she is feeling. She came with us to church yesterday. She loved it. So a baptism this Saturday! So many blessings!

Elder Elton should have some baptisms this week as well from those that we were teaching in Edinburgh!

Here is my new mailing address:
4 Woodleigh Elms
Highland Road
Rathgar, Dublin 11

Love you all!

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