Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 37

Another good week in Dublin! Elder Elton also had another good week in Edinburgh in our old area. Allison, who both Elder Elton and I taught, was baptized on Saturday. I am sending the picture of her baptisim. Such good news!

Last p day we were able to go and have a slip-n-slide volleyball game. It was so much fun!

Tuesday we had our District Meeting. We had to say our goodbye’s to a lot of the other missionaries that we will not see again. They are going home this transfer. Seriously, this transfer was huge! So many missionaries are going home. It has been so crazy!

Wednesday we were able to get out and teach. A lot of our people are open to what we have to say but they are not quite ready to make those necessary changes in their life that are needed. It is really hard to get them to commit to do anything!

Thursday was another good day. We were able to meet again with our friend Hari. In fact almost everyday this entire week we have met with him to get him ready for his baptism. He is such a good man. He is so prepared. I really am so excited to see where he goes now in this life!

Friday was our last day with Elder Clay. It is sad to see him go. I also had to go and get my ‘Garda Card’ to make it legal for me to stay here in Ireland. It took like forever! 3 hours. So dumb....

Saturday was Hari’s baptism! It was such a good service! It was such a great experience. There is always an awesome felling at baptisms! I cant really explain the love you feel and the love you feel for your friends who are making these sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father.

We also had our ‘official’ moves on Saturday. Elder Valiati and I will stay in Dublin. We really did get our move call two weeks ago. I have new missionaries in my district. I now have the opportunity to get to know them and work with them!

Two weeks ago I gave a talk in church. Yesterday, Sunday, I got a call in the morning from the Bishop. The call was 1 hour before church started. He asked me to speak that day in church for 20 minutes. The person who was assigned to speak called in sick. It was a crazy day. I had to prepare a talk along with making sure everything was ready for Hari’s confirmation. I relied so much upon the Spirit and for His help. In the end Hari’s confirmation was very special and everything worked out. I guess I should plan on every two weeks giving a talk in church.

We see so many miracles every week. But we also see so many disappointments. All of our investigators have dropped us. So we will find more people that are prepared to hear us and we will prepare them for baptism! WE WILL DO THIS TILL THE WORK IS DONE!

I am so excited to be able to continue to train and work with 'Mano'. 'Mano' means ‘brother’ in Portuguese. We are already like best friends! I want to baptize so many people with him! This has been a great transfer!

I love you all!

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