Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 41

Another great week this week!

Mano and I saw so many miracles this past week! The Lord truly blesses those who are righteous!

Last Monday was my birthday! It was a good day! The Sisters and the Elders all had lunch in the city and then afterward the Elders headed off to the Wicklow Mountains. We drove around the area and we got to see everything that is beautiful about Ireland! I loved it! We also visited the beer company Guinness. They have their own private home with their own private lake! Got to admit it, it was pretty spectacular! Everything was so green!

Tuesday we had our usual district meeting. Once again it was really good. After that it was off to finding and teaching! We also had a member in our ward who is deaf go with us to hand out pass along cards. He is a wonderful man! Only if we all all could be like him!

Wednesday we had another birthday in our district. It was one of the Sisters birthday. We all went out to lunch with her along with our ward mission leader! It was cool! We went to a buffet and we also had a cake! I also was able to chill hard with my little the boi, Raelie! We play dinosaurs all the time.

Thursday and Friday were also good days! I went on exchanges with Elder Garrick who is from Utah. It was a great day! Crazy things always seem to happen on exchanges. A crazy story from our exchange. As we were walking past a dumpster I found a pair of pink 2015 hyperdunks. I pull them out of the dumpster and they fit me! Man I am so blessed. At 6:00 p.m. we finished our exchanges so me and Mano headed out to our favorite place. Mama Ludlows! She had her house all ready for my birthday party! She made my favorite meal. Chicken rolls! And also my favorite birthday cake, Boston Cream Pie!!!! Holy cow I can say now that I have been to Heaven! She honestly is the best!!!!!

Saturday was Gay Pride day here. We didn't find to many people that day who were open to hear our message. That's okay! Also, Happy Birthday Dad!

Sunday was great day! We had three friends come to church! They all loved it! Our 16 year old lad from Ireland was one of the three who came. He loved it! Sadly, his mum is against him being baptized until he turns 18. Hari, the man we baptized a few weeks ago brought his friend to church. He is also from Nepal. Then we also had a Brazilian come! She is preparing for her baptisim on the 8th of July! Pray for her!

Overall we another good week! I love being a missionary. I love the people of Ireland! I am having a grand old time here! I am loving life!

I love you all!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 40

This week was different than most others!

Today is my birthday! I need to thank my family and my comp for all of the presents!

Mano gave me a Scotland jersey! Man I love him so much! He is already a legend! The Elders in my district woke me up early and came over and decorated the flat. We had so much fun! The rest of this past week was also good!

I don't want anyone getting scared, I am fine, but ever since Hari's baptism my allergies have really kicked in! I didn't take care of it when it started a couple of weeks ago but now I am pretty darn sick. I have a throat and lung infection. The hay-fever made the sickness worse. So now I am feeling it! On Saturday Mama Ludlow took me urgent care. After the that we went to the pharmacy. Here is what I ended taking home: 

Pills (6 a day)
Eye drops (Every day when needed)
Inhaler (9 inhales a day)
Cream (Every night) 

Remember no one needs to worry. I am fine, just sick. 
Sleeping has already improved since I started on the medicine. I am doing great! 

This week Mano and I still worked as hard as ever! We continue to see success in finding new people to teach. Now we just need to progress them!

And a happy Father's day to the best dad out there!!!!

I love you all!

(This is an e-mail that was sent to Elder Gowans grandmother, Lavona Areghini, from a friend. We thought we would share it with you all.)

"Dear Lavona. Here is our story.. Bryce, myself, & my brother were on a two week adventure / vacation in Ireland. One evening in Dublin, we were heading back to our hotel at the same time all the stores were closing. All the streets were packed with people. Who do we spy? A group of missionaries so we stop to say "hello". They are super busy doing "street contacting". There were 5 or 6 of them. We talked to them for a while and then I asked who was in charge? That's when an Elder stepped up who had been talking to my brother. After talking to him for awhile I finally looked at his name badge. Hmmmm? I asked him, 'is your mother's name Beth'? His response, 'No, but I do have an Aunt named Beth'. My next question to him, 'Do you know Lavona Areghini'? His response, 'That's my grandma! She just moved from Arizona to Utah to live by us'. I said, 'Yes. I know! She is one of my dearest friends & we want her to come back to Arizona!'.

Can you believe it! On the streets of good old Dublin, Ireland a dazed missionary trying to take in all this information. It was so fun to meet him!

The story doesn't stop there. We went to church with some of my brother's friends on Sunday. Who was there? Elder Gowans! He & his companion confirmed a new convert. Then if that wasn't great enough he gave a wonderful talk on the blessings that can come through paying your tithing! WOWZER!

Afterwards he stopped us briefly & said "hello". He was on his way to teach the investigators class for Sunday School. I told him I had to come to church because if his grandma knew I was here she would want me to "keep an eye on him"! What a great young man, grandson, & missionary you have!

You can be very proud of your posterity Lavona! It is a "grand day" when you hear that your grandkids are being amazing & making excellent decisions when they are away from their family. That encounter made me realize how small the world is when you are a member of the church! I am sure that grandparents have a big influence on their grandkids!

Keep up the good job because it is working!"

Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 39

This week was so good for Mano and me!

It is so crazy how many miracles we saw! And to top it off, it was a really fun week! We are having so much fun here in Dublin! To start off the week we went down to Brat on p day. We did a hike along the coast. We saw some amazing cliffs which were so beautiful! I found a bandanna on our hike hanging on a fence. We also had a great week with finding and teaching new people!

Tuesday we had our District meeting. I felt it was a super spiritual meeting! I love how much we can feel the Spitrit as missionaries. As Nephi says in the Book of Mormon: The love of God is the MOST desirable thing above all else. I love the 1st book of Nephi. It has become my most favorite part. I love Nephi's boldness and obedience! Legend.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were pretty much all the same day. It has been raining so much here! It dumps rain and then 10 minutes later it is totally sunny. It is a continuous cycle! On our way to a tea appointment I saw my first thunder and lightning storm! Loved it!

Saturday we taught so many of our friends! 

Sunday we had a good sacrament service. We had two friends at church! Like I said we saw so many miracles. But now for the sad news. All of our new investigators live on the North side of town! They are such good people! We are so sad that we have to hand them all over to the other missionaries. We know that if we continually work hard we can build up another pool again! Go hard and have fun!

I love being a missionary in the best mission in the world. Nothing better!

I love you all!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Week 38

It is crazy how fast time flies! Last year about this time I was graduating from High School. I was going with the flow enjoying my summer and now I am here on my mission in Dublin, Ireland! Crazy.

This week has been good. Me and Mano are killing it! I love this guy we are like brothers!

Last Monday was our p day. A bunch of Elders and Sisters are moving throughout Dublin so I had to help them get to the right places. After that we had our DA out in an area called Tallaght (tal-a). It went well. We took the bus and saw some beautiful scenery!

Tuesday was another good day of working and enjoying some sun rays! We are finding loads of people to teach. They just don't seem to come to our arranged appointments! Ah the work goes on! I love Dublin. I LOVE missionary work! There is nothing better!

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much the same days. We just keep working hard and grinding it out. The days just seem to all mold together and I cant remember one day from the other.

You know when it is Friday in Ireland. Around 4 o-clock you start to see everyone making there way to their local pub. After that it starts to get crazy. Weekends in Ireland are just ... hahah ... yeah enough said.

Saturday was a great day! We saw so many miracles! We were able to teach one of our friends another lesson. We had shown him the Joseph Smith movie the last time we taught him and he loved it! He loved the message we shared with him and I believe he is open and willing now to change his life. This will be a huge blessing for him!

Then the last miracle. On Saturday we had started walking back to our flat. It was about 8:30 p.m. I am not sure how much you know about the Champions League in soccer but the final was on. We noticed that it was on the tele in a pub. Everybody was watching. Both Mano and I are huge football fans. We were both dying to see what was happening. We walked by the first pub but when we walked by the second smaller pub, in temple bar district, we saw the most incredible goal. It was in the 27 minute. Real Madrid was up 1-0 and Juventas then scored the goal to even it up. It was a bicycle hit in the upper right corner. It was the most incredible goal! Seriously, we had been watching for 5 seconds when they scored that goal. The streets erupted with loud roars and cheers. It was so cool! It was so much fun to see that goal and then to see and hear the excitement from the people here in Ireland. Blessings I know! We started again on our way home, now in the pouring rain, and we saw a double rainbow! Doubles are a rarity here!

Sunday was another great Sabbath day! It was fast and testimony meeting. It is always a blessing to hear others testimonies and learn from them.

This week we are looking to continue to find and teach new people. We will also teach those we have now! We are excited to be here in Dub city!

I love you all!