Saturday, June 10, 2017

Week 38

It is crazy how fast time flies! Last year about this time I was graduating from High School. I was going with the flow enjoying my summer and now I am here on my mission in Dublin, Ireland! Crazy.

This week has been good. Me and Mano are killing it! I love this guy we are like brothers!

Last Monday was our p day. A bunch of Elders and Sisters are moving throughout Dublin so I had to help them get to the right places. After that we had our DA out in an area called Tallaght (tal-a). It went well. We took the bus and saw some beautiful scenery!

Tuesday was another good day of working and enjoying some sun rays! We are finding loads of people to teach. They just don't seem to come to our arranged appointments! Ah the work goes on! I love Dublin. I LOVE missionary work! There is nothing better!

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much the same days. We just keep working hard and grinding it out. The days just seem to all mold together and I cant remember one day from the other.

You know when it is Friday in Ireland. Around 4 o-clock you start to see everyone making there way to their local pub. After that it starts to get crazy. Weekends in Ireland are just ... hahah ... yeah enough said.

Saturday was a great day! We saw so many miracles! We were able to teach one of our friends another lesson. We had shown him the Joseph Smith movie the last time we taught him and he loved it! He loved the message we shared with him and I believe he is open and willing now to change his life. This will be a huge blessing for him!

Then the last miracle. On Saturday we had started walking back to our flat. It was about 8:30 p.m. I am not sure how much you know about the Champions League in soccer but the final was on. We noticed that it was on the tele in a pub. Everybody was watching. Both Mano and I are huge football fans. We were both dying to see what was happening. We walked by the first pub but when we walked by the second smaller pub, in temple bar district, we saw the most incredible goal. It was in the 27 minute. Real Madrid was up 1-0 and Juventas then scored the goal to even it up. It was a bicycle hit in the upper right corner. It was the most incredible goal! Seriously, we had been watching for 5 seconds when they scored that goal. The streets erupted with loud roars and cheers. It was so cool! It was so much fun to see that goal and then to see and hear the excitement from the people here in Ireland. Blessings I know! We started again on our way home, now in the pouring rain, and we saw a double rainbow! Doubles are a rarity here!

Sunday was another great Sabbath day! It was fast and testimony meeting. It is always a blessing to hear others testimonies and learn from them.

This week we are looking to continue to find and teach new people. We will also teach those we have now! We are excited to be here in Dub city!

I love you all!

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