Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 39

This week was so good for Mano and me!

It is so crazy how many miracles we saw! And to top it off, it was a really fun week! We are having so much fun here in Dublin! To start off the week we went down to Brat on p day. We did a hike along the coast. We saw some amazing cliffs which were so beautiful! I found a bandanna on our hike hanging on a fence. We also had a great week with finding and teaching new people!

Tuesday we had our District meeting. I felt it was a super spiritual meeting! I love how much we can feel the Spitrit as missionaries. As Nephi says in the Book of Mormon: The love of God is the MOST desirable thing above all else. I love the 1st book of Nephi. It has become my most favorite part. I love Nephi's boldness and obedience! Legend.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were pretty much all the same day. It has been raining so much here! It dumps rain and then 10 minutes later it is totally sunny. It is a continuous cycle! On our way to a tea appointment I saw my first thunder and lightning storm! Loved it!

Saturday we taught so many of our friends! 

Sunday we had a good sacrament service. We had two friends at church! Like I said we saw so many miracles. But now for the sad news. All of our new investigators live on the North side of town! They are such good people! We are so sad that we have to hand them all over to the other missionaries. We know that if we continually work hard we can build up another pool again! Go hard and have fun!

I love being a missionary in the best mission in the world. Nothing better!

I love you all!

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