Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 40

This week was different than most others!

Today is my birthday! I need to thank my family and my comp for all of the presents!

Mano gave me a Scotland jersey! Man I love him so much! He is already a legend! The Elders in my district woke me up early and came over and decorated the flat. We had so much fun! The rest of this past week was also good!

I don't want anyone getting scared, I am fine, but ever since Hari's baptism my allergies have really kicked in! I didn't take care of it when it started a couple of weeks ago but now I am pretty darn sick. I have a throat and lung infection. The hay-fever made the sickness worse. So now I am feeling it! On Saturday Mama Ludlow took me urgent care. After the that we went to the pharmacy. Here is what I ended taking home: 

Pills (6 a day)
Eye drops (Every day when needed)
Inhaler (9 inhales a day)
Cream (Every night) 

Remember no one needs to worry. I am fine, just sick. 
Sleeping has already improved since I started on the medicine. I am doing great! 

This week Mano and I still worked as hard as ever! We continue to see success in finding new people to teach. Now we just need to progress them!

And a happy Father's day to the best dad out there!!!!

I love you all!

(This is an e-mail that was sent to Elder Gowans grandmother, Lavona Areghini, from a friend. We thought we would share it with you all.)

"Dear Lavona. Here is our story.. Bryce, myself, & my brother were on a two week adventure / vacation in Ireland. One evening in Dublin, we were heading back to our hotel at the same time all the stores were closing. All the streets were packed with people. Who do we spy? A group of missionaries so we stop to say "hello". They are super busy doing "street contacting". There were 5 or 6 of them. We talked to them for a while and then I asked who was in charge? That's when an Elder stepped up who had been talking to my brother. After talking to him for awhile I finally looked at his name badge. Hmmmm? I asked him, 'is your mother's name Beth'? His response, 'No, but I do have an Aunt named Beth'. My next question to him, 'Do you know Lavona Areghini'? His response, 'That's my grandma! She just moved from Arizona to Utah to live by us'. I said, 'Yes. I know! She is one of my dearest friends & we want her to come back to Arizona!'.

Can you believe it! On the streets of good old Dublin, Ireland a dazed missionary trying to take in all this information. It was so fun to meet him!

The story doesn't stop there. We went to church with some of my brother's friends on Sunday. Who was there? Elder Gowans! He & his companion confirmed a new convert. Then if that wasn't great enough he gave a wonderful talk on the blessings that can come through paying your tithing! WOWZER!

Afterwards he stopped us briefly & said "hello". He was on his way to teach the investigators class for Sunday School. I told him I had to come to church because if his grandma knew I was here she would want me to "keep an eye on him"! What a great young man, grandson, & missionary you have!

You can be very proud of your posterity Lavona! It is a "grand day" when you hear that your grandkids are being amazing & making excellent decisions when they are away from their family. That encounter made me realize how small the world is when you are a member of the church! I am sure that grandparents have a big influence on their grandkids!

Keep up the good job because it is working!"

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