Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 46

It was a good wet week here in Glasgee =)  It was a week full of missionary work and other fun stuff!

Elder Woodfield and I spent most of our mornings and evenings cleaning a flat that has been lived in by missionaries for 9 years. It is time to close it down so lets just say it wasn't to pretty.

We have been teaching and finding many people. We have a friend named Kirste. She is so cool. She came to church and enjoyed sacrament meeting. We are seeing her again on Tuesday. Sadly, the girl Ruby I told you about last week went on the internet and looked up a lot of lies and rubbish about us so she does not want to see us anymore. So sad. uugghhhh!

We also went on exchanges with the DLs throughout the zone. I was able to work with a new missionary, Elder Siswick from England. I also worked with Elder Baklan from Airdre. I served with in Elder Baklan in Edinburgh. He was a new missionary then. It was great to see him again and work with him.

Scotland is definitely more colder than Ireland! It looks like I am about to finish off my first pair of shoes. They are wrecked. My nice Eccos were supposed to last me for two years! They have holes right in the bottom of them! The insoles also have holes and my feet get soaked everyday it rains. 

I love this Gospel! I love my mission with all my heart! Last night I was talking with a missionary that I had served with back in Dundee. We were talking about how great the mission is and how great Dundee was. I talked also about how cool Edinburgh and Ireland are. Ireland is one of the coolest places in the world. We talked about how we would not trade these experiences for anything. I cant think of anywhere else I would rather be than right here right now doing what I am doing. Yes, it is hard and yes it is tiring. But it is worth it!

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